Josiah Edbrooke


Riding Since:1999 (25 Years)
Hometown:GB Bristol, United Kingdom
Riding Style:80% Prone, 20% Dropknee (Stance: Switch)
Boards:Custom X - MXC 42", Ion - 42" Bat Tail
About me:DJ explorer I would say like to see the world

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Favourites & Interests

Favourite Bodyboarders:ZA Andre Botha, US David Hubbard, US Jeff Hubbard
Favourite Videos:Against the Grain, No Friends - Retina Rehab
Favourite Bands:2pac, 50 Cent, Llyod banks, Switchfoot, Talib Kweli, The Calling, Tree63, Van Morrison
Other Interests:American Football, Cricket, DJ - Drum and Bass, Eating, Living, Paintball, photographer, Photography, Reading, sleeping, Surf Videography, Traveling, video editor, Watching WWE


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FR FranceNZ New Zealand 



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