Bryan Paynter


Username:that NINJA kid
Riding Since:2000 (24 Years)
Hometown:ZA Pinetown, Durban, Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA Far Bowl
Riding Style:99% Prone, 1% Dropknee (Stance: Natural)
Boards:NMD - Winchester

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Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:ZA Cave Rock, ZA Alkantstrand, ZA Far Bowl
Favourite Videos:The No Friends Series, The Tension Series, Underground Tapes - Power Trips
Favourite Bands:AFI, Aiden, ALEXISONFIRE, he is legend, RJD2, Sage Francis, The Rising End, VIDEO SOUNDTRACKS
Other Interests:Collecting Sneakers, Stencil Art, Tattoos


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ID IndonesiaZW Zimbabwe 


Bryan Paynter

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