Ian Metcalf, freefall at Puerto Escondido

posted by Kelly on Friday, 28 May 2004

Ian Metcalf, freefall at Puerto Escondido



lyleLyle Schentke
23rd February 2011 09:39
absolutely sick!!
RobberotRobert Swart
3rd May 2008 18:42
nice,wouldv liked to see the rest of that wave
ElianderthehatefulNico Boshoff
1st April 2008 12:45
pardon the french, but this is fuctup!!!!!!

craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
17th March 2008 11:04
Bet the chicks can dig this one boet.
Maybe keep a pic of it in ur wallet cos then u'll definatley pull :)
spongekingRory Jones
6th October 2007 17:05
This photo made me wanna go to Mex. Having just been there when it was this size I can only say Mettie you have Muchos Cohones!!
OttaColin Hall
20th August 2007 12:37
Jeesh Metty - if you judged the wave face in proportion to those ears of yours, that's a pretty sizey beast!
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
4th August 2007 12:34
8th September 2006 21:17
Wow that ian metcalf guy is SO GOOD.....he is just SO cool...!!!
oh yes nice wave by the way.
from scuba
SteveSteve McWilliams
16th June 2006 15:07
sick bru
byron777Byron Versfeld
20th May 2006 13:46
this picture sticks in my mind whenever i think of mexico,absolutely nuts!!!
BonesGareth Jones
10th April 2006 23:22
Respect !!!
byron777Byron Versfeld
24th February 2006 19:33
that is so crazy
CodeWade Visser
9th September 2004 14:01
That's pretty sick.
KellyKelly Footit
31st August 2004 00:56
1 x mother of a take off cuz ... loving that lateness!!!

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