Byron Loubser at Crabs
Alex Marshall photo

posted by Byron Loubser on Thursday, 28 December 2006

Byron Loubser at Crabs



Jason BlacklawsJason Blacklaws
4th January 2007 20:01
Ow Byron! Nice Pic...Its a pitty we didnt get there earlier hay! O well...Still got it Gud Though =D
oomwebbMatt Webb
2nd January 2007 17:20
hey lob thanks for the call! pussy ha ha
Lemoneye06Michael-James Stowe
1st January 2007 09:47
YoYo!!! B-dawg! nice one young sir> I do say this was quite a radical session and indeed you did get some very nice tubes!!! keep it up Buddy!!!!

peace out mj....

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Rider:South Africa Byron Loubser photos
Surfspot:Kommetjie, Western Province, South Africa Crabs photos
Photographer:South Africa Alex Marshall photos


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