Jared Houston at Razorblades
Peter Lambert photo

posted by Peter Lambert on Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Jared Houston at Razorblades

Jared Houston - Lines of Fire Experiment



ronald911Ronald Langeveld
6th March 2011 22:00
Spy DudePierre Marqua
13th September 2007 10:02
No its little jarad houston... honestly his balls are bigger than he is.... LOL ;)
stikmanGreg Estran
12th September 2007 23:56
is that brendon newton??/
RashieqRashieq Smith
12th September 2007 17:52
I thought Peter Lambert was crazy...Respect!!
JAMES byeJames Coetzee
12th September 2007 17:19
pukuMike Harris
29th October 2006 13:59
thats preety fucking gnarles barkley
kimonKimon de Greef
13th October 2006 10:02
this looks like a very compromising position for a photog to be in, no?
dcmikeMike Dei-Cont
18th August 2006 12:54
SOLID! Props to you both! Sure is mental!
MartinMartin Ras
16th August 2006 22:07
Nice one Jared...When you coming to surf this side...
IanIan Thurtell
15th August 2006 23:08
we must hit up this spot again soon...
rylinRylin Richardson
15th August 2006 22:15
thats what its all about
Werner AWerner Adendorff
15th August 2006 21:37
that boy needs theoropy
:::Tomas:::Tomas Degenaar
15th August 2006 20:23
Holy S**t! Sick Bra!
jbsJared Schafer
15th August 2006 15:49
oh my that spot looks mental!!!
15th August 2006 15:30
YEEE HAAA..this is whats its about!!! Go boy!!
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
15th August 2006 15:08
Come and meet this maniac and get him to sign your favorite bit of cloathing at the Lines of Fire under age Premiere at Mercury Live Saturday 19 August. 5:00 till 7:00

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Rider:South Africa Jared Houston photos
Surfspot:Western Province, South Africa Razorblades photos
Photographer:South Africa Peter Lambert photos


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