Jeff Hubbard at Pipeline
Danny Black photo

posted by Digital Danny on Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Jeff Hubbard at Pipeline

Hubb Old School 1-hander @ Pipe 2006



rudiRudi Geyser
23rd October 2008 14:24
maybe a christ air?
KellyKelly Footit
23rd July 2006 15:08
I'm open to correction here and haven't seen the full sequence but I'm pretty sure this is the same old-school move which is called the "7-up". It got its name due to the ever popular Mach 7-7 of the time because you were showing off your bottom deck with the 7-7 logo.

Obviously it never really caught on but this is about as good an execution as I have seen. Thanks for sharing Danny!
Digital DannyDanny Black
23rd July 2006 03:38
It's real. Have 5 frames of him gathering himself on the way down.
DaneDane Stirrat
19th July 2006 12:05
Is that a real move or is he wiping out??

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