Mitchell Rawlins at Shipsterns

posted by Kelly on Saturday, 24 June 2006

Mitchell Rawlins at Shipsterns



craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
20th February 2008 15:58
frikkin JAS boet!!!!!!!
Oh my days.
MichelleDanielsMichelle Daniels
7th January 2008 06:58
Yep--Shipsterns is heavy stuff--sheeeez, wonder what he's thinking! Hahahah 8) Mucho RESPECT!
shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
4th June 2007 15:16
THAT is F@*KING CRAZY!!!!!!!but ya much respect
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
29th May 2007 19:13
haha, in terms of how a wave can **** you up if you don't make the section, i don't think it gets much "bigger" than this.. baview is like muizenberg compared this waves.. haha..
Marcus EngelbrechtMarcus Engelbrecht
29th May 2007 19:03
holy poo man dat wave is sick!!!
that dood is of da hindges!
RoboRobert Ransome
16th March 2007 19:16
thats not mithch rawilns thts arthi twalinki winki who is a tank and will dominate all of you and likes to go to jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmms house
LeeLee Slabber
27th June 2006 09:11
Is this the end of beach breaks for you because after this wave there won't be enough space for your board and balls on 'normal' waves.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
26th June 2006 15:27
hope the boys go bigger then this at the bayview this year
kas24*Carlos Figueiredo
26th June 2006 09:19
omg, dude why!!!!
DaneDane Stirrat
24th June 2006 09:44
Unbelievable!!! That is def one of the heaviest/scariest/sickest/biggest waves I have ever seen in Bodyboarding. RESPECT to the max to mitch.

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