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posted by Peter Lambert on Monday, 30 January 2006


Anyone want to id the rider and the spot?



shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
8th August 2007 10:50
hahah peter sup when u visiting again??????
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
8th August 2007 10:30
I think its Mr Hugh Nahtan Grant Woods???
RashieqRashieq Smith
8th August 2007 07:47
Call it Morkel Soebey:) settled a bit of fun both ways
shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
7th August 2007 16:24
ya its defnit kokkarot it kinda looks like me but could be paul too?
SachaSacha Wharton
7th August 2007 15:42
looks like Kokkarot
shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
9th June 2007 09:38
awe awe dudes i do not know who this is could be him could be me its a gamble!!!!!
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
8th June 2007 23:54
i beg to differ... So its a toss up between Mr Sobey & Mr Morkel then..
8th June 2007 18:59
this isnt paul morkel. nope, defnitely shaun sobey... nice one dude...
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
1st February 2006 09:53
You are 100% correct... it's Kokarot and it was shot at Boland Trial 4 in 2005.... but in honesty I was not sure who the rider was, so thanks for the info! Kelly, if you stumble across this post can you please update the photo with the rider's name. Thanks! nice one Paul!!!!
MartinMartin Ras
31st January 2006 21:43
Thats mnr Paul Morkel at kok, sic photee peter! You should come and film our trials again.

MarkMark Reitz
31st January 2006 19:24
kokkerot.....looks like "shaun Sobey" or "Paul morkel"
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
31st January 2006 18:32
Rider: Paul Morkel
Location: Kokkerot
:: Boland Trial 4 2005::
Am i right?????????????

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