Wade Harrison at Keiki

posted by wade harrison on Monday, 12 December 2005

Wade Harrison at Keiki




Pi bodyboardsDeon Meyer
17th March 2008 20:39
be glad rudi and i had your back on thursday.....man those were big dutchmen!!!
wade harrisonWade Harrison
10th February 2008 18:25
rudi dont be mad that i made you.you come from me dude.be glad.
Stephan BeckerStephan Becker
20th December 2007 23:36
hahaha!!! hmmm, this is entertaining!;)
Spy DudePierre Marqua
20th December 2007 11:41
lol... keep them coming.. *grabs beer and popcorn*
i skim wade is the funniest oke on 6040
rudiRudi Geyser
20th December 2007 09:51
or were your knees sore from kneeling on them all night pleassuring men to support your hawaii trip... and your personal satisfaction?
wade harrisonWade Harrison
20th December 2007 09:19
my kness were sore from hookin up wit ur mom on the floor all night
rudiRudi Geyser
19th December 2007 13:44
should ve got on the knee...pussy

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