Ebrina Curet at Dos Playa

posted by Ryanstar on Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Ebrina Curet at Dos Playa




StJohnLombard_BodyboarderStJohn Lombard
24th March 2011 21:32
The DREAM GIRL we all long for...
lyleLyle Schentke
23rd March 2011 14:12
seriously hot!
best pick on this site by a llllllooooonnng way!!!!!!!
Pi bodyboardsDeon Meyer
12th September 2008 17:38
ous,jislaaik,chill!!!dont talk like that about my girl.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
12th September 2008 08:49
everytime this pic pops up in the top row, i have to click, stare, wonder and then make some dumb comment, this time its summer is coming :)
Spy DudePierre Marqua
25th June 2008 13:53
ahhh still the best pic on sixty40... nothing beats this, i can mind surf that for hours.....
craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
15th February 2008 10:57
Oh my greatness!!!!
I want one.
ThomasThomas Bradley
7th September 2007 14:36
Perfect. thats some hot women making it look easy, nice, big ups
Spy DudePierre Marqua
7th September 2007 14:10
and i say it again....... we wonder at the magesty of gods creation.... perfect form.
OliLovesBBOliver Stutz
23rd August 2007 14:00
amen to that she can drop in on me nday aswell DAM!
OliLovesBBOliver Stutz
23rd August 2007 13:57
holy crap ive never seen a girl like that drop a wave like that.....nice going girl WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
23rd August 2007 13:04
Damn she can drop in on me any day! Heard she absolutely shreads....
Werner AWerner Adendorff
12th June 2007 22:53
thats it!im leaving for Aruba first thing tomorow morning!!!!
Shamier (sam)Shamier (sam)
12th June 2007 16:41
Ohmy-G... the best of both worlds - dam!!!!!!!!!!
kitefanaticJeandre de Villiers
12th June 2007 16:21
tjokkaTjokka du Plessis
28th March 2007 23:48
Wow! That is real beauty!!!
MatthewMatthew Botha
11th January 2007 11:39
what a hottie! and showing some good style too...
Spy DudePierre Marqua
28th April 2006 12:50
ahhh this pic... still a perfect 10/10 and a perfect butt, noneo f the other images on that site compare to this one.
jeremyJeremy Loefstok
28th April 2006 05:31
This girl is Ebrina Curet from Aruba, she's hot and she rips, I like her bodyboarding style. See her pics @ www.bula-aruba.com
Muggy WhitelawMarc Whitelaw
18th November 2005 14:05
I never knew it could get so good
MartinMartin Ras
16th November 2005 20:26
wow, this is why man is evil... can God blame us??
Spy DudePierre Marqua
16th November 2005 11:04
that is one serious hunny, check out how perfect her butt is
jbsJared Schafer
15th November 2005 20:44
A SOLID 10!...i mean the wave of course

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