Aden Kleve at Hoek
Mark Divey photo

posted by mark85 on Friday, 15 July 2005

Aden Kleve at Hoek



29th August 2007 17:45
ade this is da sickest wave ive eva seen u surf, nice rolling bro
MolosRichard Mattisson
2nd December 2006 21:22
My granny's left armpit hair!! wow oak 13 years of age! FUP
24th July 2006 23:08
Sup Kleebo,man beam, you rip Brutha...
Peace out James...Jelly Bean
20th May 2006 22:18
Ade dat is da BIGGEST MOTHER TRUCKER WAVE i hav eva seen u ride. R u CRAZY?
walvisJohan Wahl
5th April 2006 21:34
Aden you are mad!!
MarkMark Reitz
23rd March 2006 20:45
looks cold!
Sik wave,this guy is the future
hugh grantNathan Wood
23rd March 2006 16:55
well done on dk final, and beating vaughn.. respect!!!
hugh grantNathan Wood
22nd March 2006 20:11
curly joe.. thats quite sik
sea lionsea lion
30th November 2005 15:07
that is hectic....
tauriqTauriq Gamildien
20th July 2005 08:39
Now thats a fatty!
Jared HoustonJared Houston
16th July 2005 16:47
guess how old?13

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Rider:South Africa Aden Kleve photos
Surfspot:Noordhoek, Western Province, South Africa Hoek photos
Photographer:South Africa Mark Divey photos


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