Mike Stewart, tube/barrel at Pipeline
Dan Russo photo

posted by Kelly on Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Mike Stewart, tube/barrel at Pipeline



23rd May 2010 23:06
I just wanted to say thank you for all the compliments on this image. If anyone would be interested in purchasing a print please email russophotography@mac.com And we didnt score Tant...I don't plan on going back there, i almost got bit back a big shark.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
21st August 2008 17:04
I met Dan Russo, who took this photo at Platboom last week. Would you beleive he even knows where Tant is! Him and all his seppo/auzzie surfer mates. So much for that secret spot. Cos they are staying with a LLands stand up local and now they all know too.
Really nice guy though, all the best equipment money can buy. Blerry seppos!
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
24th November 2007 22:37
For all you people who want this PIC as a wallpaper, I found the link: http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s207/DougShetland/Pipephoto2Final.jpg

rudiRudi Geyser
30th October 2007 15:21
who ever said kalk bay must be dreaming. to even think to compare it with pipe is absolutely upsurd! this is the best wave riding photo ever taken, its gota be. this photog must have gotten so absolutely owned, and unless he s dead, it was all worth it!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
23rd August 2007 12:54
LEN: PLEASE CANT YOU GET THIS IMAGE WITH BRANDING ETC AS A DOWNLOADABLE WALLPAPER and give it to kelly for download, i would love to have this as my desktop on my computer... bru seriously, its still the best image on sixty40
Stephan BeckerStephan Becker
16th May 2007 13:16
Can't see how this deserves anthing less than a 10!!
frozenghostBarry Wynne
20th April 2007 12:10
DaneDane Stirrat
9th April 2007 23:12
Kalk Bay(",)
9th April 2007 22:21
Inside the blue room haha!!!
2nd March 2007 15:42
It just Doesn't get any Better! than this..or does it??
Luke_MooreLuke Moore
31st July 2006 21:35
This is a wounderful photograph!
walvisJohan Wahl
9th April 2006 18:40
Best pic iv ever seen!!
4th March 2006 10:44
this pic would have to be the best i have ever seen !!! i luv it
jbsJared Schafer
17th February 2006 17:02
uncle mikes barrel looks like it was SUPER SIZED!!!
Stephan BeckerStephan Becker
16th February 2006 20:20
What can you say, it's flawless.....
KellyKelly Footit
17th March 2005 01:16
I asked Mike for a few shots of the team and this is one which he sent back. After your comment, I went back to him to ask who the photographer is ... Dan Russo is the man and I have the shot to record him as the photographer ... as you say, it's class shot!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
16th March 2005 11:54
Now that must be the sickest photo on the site, kelly who shot it? 10 out of 10 from me, everything is perfect, you can feel the intencity of the barrel.. aii respect to the old school. As for mikes tube time... hmmmm 10 yrs or so behind the curtain hahaha.
KellyKelly Footit
8th March 2005 02:48
Classic shot of just another of Mike's barrels ...

Imagine if you could clock up Mike's tube time? Or how far would it stretch if you lined his tubes up end to end?
Digital DannyDanny Black
4th March 2005 19:33

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