Mitchell Rawlins, Reverse air at Backdoor. Danny Black Photography

by Digital Danny on Tuesday, 1 March 2005
Mitchell Rawlins, Reverse air at Backdoor

Mitch Rawlins Pipeline 2005

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JAMES byeJames Coetzee
2nd September 2008 18:18
then u should be representing on the IBA buddy....
andreasAndreas Moller
2nd September 2008 18:10
i can do that.
wade harrisonWade Harrison
29th November 2007 21:14
i'm with sam on this one.
that is definately me!and its definately not pipe.....
SPKSimon Kotze
29th November 2007 15:43
That is not possible. Madness, Pipe or Backdoor? Apparently he has a new signature DVD coming out Mitch Vid 1.0. Should be interesting.
:::Tomas:::Tomas Degenaar
25th February 2007 22:09
samSam Fuller
9th May 2006 15:47
um. there must have been some sort of mistake. thats actually me. and theres no ways thats pipe.
scribbleKole Roder
28th March 2006 13:23
ppl that boost like thaT are tweeked in the head. max respect to this mofo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rider:Australia Mitchell Rawlins photos
Surfspot:North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii Backdoor photos
Photographer:Hawaii Danny Black photos
Manoeuvre:Reverse air


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