Neymara Carvalho at El Confital
Seamus Makim photo

posted by Kelly on Monday, 8 December 2008

Neymara Carvalho at El Confital



TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
25th December 2008 08:54
I don't understand why you guys keep the comments coming, just ignore him? yaawn.
rudiRudi Geyser
24th December 2008 15:38
you rip cronje, can i suck you off
rylinRylin Richardson
24th December 2008 14:37
Ahhhhhh man, seriously, what is the point of this. Dumb shits. Just read these guys comments and pause and then just think what waves you could be getting or better yet FINDING instead of replying to these guys.
Jared HoustonJared Houston
24th December 2008 14:04
kelly is there any way you can trace this guy?
Would love to organise a friendly meet..
24th December 2008 13:04
piere maque... you have been body boarding for basicaly your whole life and you still ride like a blind crippled...i mean you get professionals to take pictures of you and you still look i guess what every one is trying to say is please of everyone that has eyes sake stop body boarding and maybe roll in some mud or read books or whatever you do..
24th December 2008 13:00
peter brandt the only trick you could do is stop body boarding for ever cos you cleraly suck at it... as any one els that thinks they can rip cronje.. they must be on tik or cocain cos cronje always dominates the surf no matter what.....
rudiRudi Geyser
23rd December 2008 19:55
this is absolutely amazing
j and silent bob strike back!!!
peterbeePeter Brandt
23rd December 2008 16:03
I agree with Spy - SUK would probably fall off the floor even if he tried going prone on the carpet...

As for Cronje - come talk to me on the beach dude, and I'll show you a trick, what do you say?
ChinnychinchinBrian Petzer
23rd December 2008 09:59
This is so lank funny! I recon doos actually rides a lumo green kayak on the weekends in the Vaal dam, at mo he's in CT on holiday with his boyfriend....ha ha ha ha ha and he's "OWNING" the Burg......and Green Point main road.....ha ha ha ha ha
Spy DudePierre Marqua
23rd December 2008 09:30
hahhaha, this is the same oke, winding all of you up, poor dork is most proberbly a bored vaalie living in london. Bet given half the oppertunity he wouldnt be able to stand on a SUP board, let alone a shortboard. Bitter twisted little man with a small willy. Most proberbly has no friends and has been banned off the other surf forums for being a doos. Every forum has one, well atleast one. Okes who cause kuk for shits and giggles. Ok SUK (funny that) i will play with you, but only cos i am bored and HAVE to be at work.... well till 3pm at anyrate, then i get to go boooooogieboarding.
23rd December 2008 09:09
DavidC surfers helping you is like whites helping blacks, no-one knows why we they do it, probab;ly cause we feel sorry for you
23rd December 2008 09:07
Thank you for the research Professor Botha, but boogie boarding is still for kooks........
rickyrabbottRichard Abbott
22nd December 2008 20:35
this started of about gals not being able to surf ye!!

any guy who thinks that obviously is threatened by a girl in the water and is therefor a kuk surfer ...

and there for DUMB!!!

chicks in the water rock!!

go girlzzzzz
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
22nd December 2008 20:27
Hey stand up kook, i mean king, u say u can boogiboard hey.. can u do this for e.g.? ..i thought so...

i duno wer u get yr statisistics from bud. bodyboarding is for kooks n 3 year olds? well, u forgot then to mention that its for hot lesbians as well. take a look, im not joking -
when last did u see a naked surfer (men dont count by the way) on the cover of Playboy?
22nd December 2008 20:06
No sarcasm actually, just that aggro belongs in surfing not bodyboarding. If you hate bodyboarding so much than piss off and leave us "kooks" in peace. Surfing is harder man, I admit, now that statement was sarcastic.
22nd December 2008 20:02
hey DavidC why the sarcastic comment
admit it that surfing is harder. all you do in boogieboarding is lie on a piece of foam and grovel around a bit. i could boogieboard when i was 5 and still do most tricks........kooks
Adam MorleyAdam Morley
22nd December 2008 19:52
rickyrabbottRichard Abbott
22nd December 2008 19:26
another guy who smaaks a double dumb and coke....
22nd December 2008 19:18
wats eveyone fighting about
shes a booger so even if she was charging 30 foot slabs it would still be ga...bodyboarding is for kooks who cant surf and 3 year old kids...standups are hardcore
rickyrabbottRichard Abbott
22nd December 2008 18:39
no im saying this chick ripps like many others and your a fool!!!
how dumb are you?
22nd December 2008 18:36
No DavidC, I think u should because by the looks of it u should give up bodyboarding
22nd December 2008 18:30
Richard is your comment describing your face, is that why you left and dont have a profil picture??????????
rickyrabbottRichard Abbott
22nd December 2008 16:25
jealousy make you nasty ey?

what a F"£$ dick!!
22nd December 2008 16:02
Go join a surfing website please.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
22nd December 2008 08:56
could this be the return of king darren?
hahhahah what a winky tugger
22nd December 2008 08:44
100% grovel 100% faggot??? ur a bright one hey
G-REGGreg Vorster
22nd December 2008 02:40
Haha, are you serious????

We've officially found the dumbest bodyboarder. Show us your face so we can shake your hand.
JarretJarret Johnson
21st December 2008 22:57
Take it easy cuz!
Your comments are pretty lame! Chirping okes for stating the obvious! Show us your profile so you can have some ground to stand on!
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
21st December 2008 18:44
haha oaks watch out this guy sounds hard.
21st December 2008 16:58
Peter, you've been riding for 9 years now...when are you gonna attempt a trick.
It says you're 90% prone and 1% Dk. i think there's a typo, it should be 100% grovel and 100% faggot...
21st December 2008 16:50
Sorry Houstan, you've got a problem, you are the biggest faggot I've ever seen, and that comment is as gay
Jared HoustonJared Houston
20th December 2008 16:28
Cronje you are definily in the wrong here..
Neymara is the world champ,what would you be doing in the picture?I would say she is riding the wave just fine.
No need to throw cyber punches(which are pretty lame)
20th December 2008 15:56
peter Ill smack you in YOUR face...
20th December 2008 15:55
DavidC my fist will charge harder in your face...
peterbeePeter Brandt
18th December 2008 09:17
What a stupid comment... If we had more chicks in the water I'd be pretty happy - I'd give them YOUR waves!
18th December 2008 09:16
eish cronje that's a bit harsh hey mate
17th December 2008 19:47
I bet she charges a lot harder than you bru. Doesnt seem to be wasting the wave to me.
17th December 2008 18:16
chiks waste good waves...

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