Peter Lambert
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posted by dcmike on Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Peter Lambert

Oh so juicy...



Spy DudePierre Marqua
21st November 2008 12:40
Mark... what Peter said... sta-pler boy ;)
last time i checked we werent ozzies, bru have way more brains than that. Ours was a secret spot once. Theirs is shark island.
So you had to ask for directions... interesting!
dcmikeMike Dei-Cont
21st November 2008 09:35
Well stoked!
Undisclosed spots..? It's pretty simple really - Respect
I only know 4 guys who have ridden this wave so it not exactly popular. Now I love taking shots of kief waves but out of courtesy to the riders and those that pioneered the place I didn't name it. I don't want to be known as the guy that exposes spots and as a result never gets invited on missions ever again. As for it being so heavy that it would never become crowded... well, they said that about Pipe once upon a time too! Props to the insan-os who crossed that deep dark channel!
KellyKelly Footit
20th November 2008 20:09
Wherever it is ... are you able to shoot from a boat or ski in the channel? Looks like potential for some good shots ... especially if it has that Hoek water colour to it.

Anyway - nice one Pete & DC ... one of those shots to get you amped!
keltJoshua Stanley
20th November 2008 19:27
should of gone left
wooly11Kyle Wilson
20th November 2008 19:16
yoh all tis argueing over a wave.....
i rate it dont even make a difference.only a handfull of people have the BALLS to paddle out to it... long paddle + deep water + super scary wave+ a few jhonnies here an there= no one out only a few willing to go! so wats the fuss bout...but still dont give directions away to waves let them find it themselves
peace keep it chilled only a wave...;)
JmoJames Moolenschot
20th November 2008 18:16
Then again, this website would be kind of boring if every photo had no spot references to them at all. I kind of agree that this is one of those places that will never get crowded, so you may as well claim it for what it is.
But this habit of giving away locations in the comments section is pretty fecking stupid. If the photog has chosen to leave it off then people need to have some respect...
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
20th November 2008 16:34
secret.. from the latin sek-ret meaning "full of kak and lost" lol... Mark if everyone sees it all the time (and I guess you are half right) then why did you still have to ask me and Dc for directions? .... you are too funny my guy.... my definition of semi secret is a spot that you can still paddle out on a fun day and be by yourself, no matter how close the spot is to lots of humans on the beach - kinda like how exposures used to be 6 years ago.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
20th November 2008 14:58
totally disagree with you, but no comment... still chuckling over the IQ of a stapler chirp of peters....
20th November 2008 11:49
wat a cracker...
ElementreeGareth White
20th November 2008 11:25
BOS1000Stefan Boshoff
20th November 2008 10:59
For once, I think theres no point in the normal, "secret spot this" or "secret spot that" I know that spot, and I dont think It sits in many to even want to be out there, let alone ride it. that wave will never get crowded...

peterbeePeter Brandt
20th November 2008 08:57
Forget about the stapler, what I want to know is... did you eat it, Pete?
Darren CDarren Croxford
20th November 2008 08:39
OH NO .... RESPEC ...
wooly11Kyle Wilson
19th November 2008 19:43
noooit bru blady sick.went to hav a look at it today was fleepin sick but inconsistant.jus 1 q wen u wipeout do u get dragged to that fat @##$% rock...
rudiRudi Geyser
19th November 2008 17:00
it aint like people will actually ride it pete. i dont really think those hard chargers from kalk bay reef will be out there. they got bigger fish to fry. should have spun in the barrel.
dcmikeMike Dei-Cont
19th November 2008 16:30
Haha! Nice try with the stapler! Hang on, wait, let me post the gps co-ordinates cos it's so far off the beaten track you need a Strandloper to show you where this is...
33º 57' 12'' E 18º 30' 30'' S
craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
19th November 2008 16:14
Well if it was a mission then it cant be Gunties or anywhere near there for that matter :) so Im safe!
Beside it breaks to close in and could never hold that size too.
But thats also part of the stoke that okes get from seeing pics like this,wondering where the hell it is?
No-one has named the spot nor has any1 acknowledged any guesses being correct.
My first thought was Hoek or somehwere like that cos of the colours but on 2nd look thats def a slab break that can handle large swell.
Bigups 4 finding & taming her.
19th November 2008 15:51
Sick wave pete
kimonKimon de Greef
19th November 2008 15:24
Pssh whatever Peter, thanks all the same. Wish I got one half this big ... respect!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
19th November 2008 15:21
IQ of a stapler... hehehehhehehe
Spy DudePierre Marqua
19th November 2008 15:20
No comment.....
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
19th November 2008 15:07
Why does some guy always have to name the semi-secret spot and say where it is? - surely with the IQ of a stapler or higer one can figure out that there was a reason that spots name and location has not been tagged.... Side note: thanks kimon for making the mission epic - you have balls of titanium.
craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
19th November 2008 13:48
Imagine that was Gunties largin it LOL!!!
Wait....pleez dont tell me thats Gunties boet :*
If it is......then ur not human.
rudiRudi Geyser
19th November 2008 13:21
if that pic was from oz people wouldnt even comment on it.
kimonKimon de Greef
19th November 2008 13:14
Oh my, that's a SICK shot Mike! I reckon that is Peter hey. Nice one bru!
Pang ProductionsJaundre (Pang) Duvenhage
19th November 2008 13:05
This wave is near exposures and queen? If it is that corner spot u guy are flipping mad to surf that wave. The only guys I know that surfed that wave was Henkus and another dude.
19th November 2008 12:41
great south african style..
rudiRudi Geyser
19th November 2008 12:36
if this is the spot i think it is.. i cant belive you guys rode it!
SebSebastian Simons
19th November 2008 12:07
thats insane!!!fuck!
rylinRylin Richardson
19th November 2008 05:05
Good gracious !!! who is the rider ???

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