Sacha Specker at Waimea Shorebreak. Colin van Dongen Photography

by ColinvanDongen on Tuesday, 29 January 2008
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Sacha Specker at Waimea Shorebreak

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rudiRudi Geyser
23rd October 2008 16:35
"dont stop dreaming" about nailing yourself!
florisHafeez Floris
23rd October 2008 16:32
lol :)
Spy DudePierre Marqua
23rd October 2008 16:26
easy, you wonder around till you find a suitable deck, might be around a pool or a skateboard, what ever gets your jollies off, then when no one is looking you dive.. hard. Be careful of splinters.
florisHafeez Floris
23rd October 2008 16:23
how do you deck-dive that wave?
1st May 2008 20:46
how many broken bones.............?



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