Derek Footit, forward 360 air at Skottel Braai
Jared Schafer photo

posted by jbs on Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Derek Footit, forward 360 air at Skottel Braai



jbsJared Schafer
8th December 2007 00:11
Pull the Plug 2 framie by the way...
JdVJason Duvenage
5th December 2007 13:29
He almost landed it..but went off the back..guess he got a little too high!Would say where it is but it's not my spot to tell about,not a wedge just a super rampy beachbreak!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
5th December 2007 13:01
oh my hat... thats phat
Werner AWerner Adendorff
5th December 2007 12:37
jeeees, thats huge! Anybody knows if he stuck this?or where this is? looks like a wedge.

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