The IBA 2011 NMD-Pride-Stealth Fronton Pro Leaderboard complete

posted by Sacha Specker on 8th December 2011

The final 16 riders have been decided as the completion of Round 3 wrapped up the Leaderboard stage of the 2011 IBA NMD-Pride-Stealth Fronton Pro. The 4-8 foot waves and variable winds offered up some of the best performance waves of the year.

In Round 3, third seed and world title contender, Ryan Hardy (Margaret River / AUS) put on an incredible performance, posting the highest heat score of the day, a 17.5 out of 20 and the only perfect 10 of the event so far. Hardy earned his 10 point ride on a draining right hand set wave, which he managed to get a deep barrel on and backflip out of.

The other two title contenders, Jeff Hubbard (HAW) and Pierre-Louis Costes (Capbreton / FRA) also put on strong performances, solidifying their spots in Round 4 and keeping the title race alive and heated.

To sum up the 2011 World Tour race, if Costes and Hardy do not advance through Round 4, Hubbard clinches the title regardless of his Round 4 result.

Upsets of the day included the elimination of six time World Champion, Guilherme Tamega (Copacabana / BRA), ending his chances of claiming a seventh title in 2011.

Bodyboarding legend, Mike Stewart (HAW) was also eliminated from the event in Round three, pushing him out of reach to qualify for the 2012 GSS. This marks 2012 as the first year in the professional history of Bodyboarding that the 11 time World Champion will not be competing at the pinnacle of the sport.

The current rankings amongs the three title contenders are:

1st - Jeff Hubbard with 7440 points
2nd - Pierre-Louis Costes with 7140 points
3rd - Ryan Hardy with 6720 points

Round 4 will see Jeff Hubbard (HAW) face event wildcard Jason Finlay (AUS) in Heat 1, Ryan Hardy (AUS) vs fellow Australian Mitch Rawlins (AUS) in Heat 5 and Pierre-Louis Costes is matched up against local wildcard Elliot Morales (CNY) in Heat 7.

Below are the final 16 competitors remaining in the event after the completion of the Leaderboard stage. For a full list of seedings and results, visit

1. Ryan Hardy (AUS) 18
2. Jeff Hubbard (HAW) 16
3. Dave Winchester (AUS) 16
4. Jared Houston (RSA) 14
5. Elliot Morales (CNY) 12
6. Ben Player (AUS) 12
7. Pierre Louis Costes (FRA) 12
8. Diego Cabrera (CNY) 12
9. Amaury Lavernhe (REU) 12
10. Uri Valadao (BRZ) 12
11. Dallas Singer (AUS) 11
12. Jason Finlay (AUS) 11
13. Andrew Lester (AUS) 11
14. Mitch Rawlins (AUS) 11
15. Sergio Alonzo (VEN) 10
16. Eder Luciano (BRZ) 10



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