TAND Invitational 2011 Heat Sheets

posted on 3rd June 2011

The votes have been counted and the public has spoken, chosing who they felt was the most worthy of competing in this most prestigeous bodyboarding event.

The one day event, which is proudly brought to you by Vivid Zeal, Attica, Pride, Alphapharm, Magson Marine, SDI/ Ambusave, Vitamin water and WPBA!, will be competed between 24 June and 8 July, giving organisers a two week window period during which to hold the event in the best possible conditions.

Heats as they currently stand are as follows:

Heat 1
Red - Attie van Heerden (BOL)
White - *Open Slot
Blue - Michael Ostler (KZN)
Black - Ian Kruger (WP)

Heat 2
Red - Joshua Kleeve (WP)
White - Tomas Degenaar (BOL)
Blue - Jared Houston (WP)
Black - Wesley Fischer (KZN)

Heat 3
Red - Charles Pass (KZN)
White - Jarret Johnson (WP)
Blue - Beyers van der Merwe (BOL)
Black - *Open Slot

Heat 4
Red - Mark McCarthy (KZN)
White - Iain Campbell (KZN)
Blue - Donovan Bassett (WP)
Black - Henk Esterhuisen (BOL)

We would like to announce that although he was selected, Rupert le Grange, will be unable to attend the event and will be sorely missed. In saying that we would like to welcome part of the South African contingent competing on the IBA circuit 2011 - current world ranked No 3, Mark McCarthy and world No 8, Jared Houston.

Stay tuned for news about the two slots currently available.

TAND Invitational 2011 Facebook group

A massive thanks to our sponsors Vivid Zeal, Attica, Pride, Alphapharm, Magson Marine, SDI/ Ambusave, Vitamin water and WPBA!



ColinvanDongenColin van Dongen
9th June 2011 13:36
craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
7th June 2011 12:20
I put it forward that Mr. Warren Baynes be allocated an open slot, the man is amped more than ever and we all know he can ride!!!

Come now!
lyleLyle Schentke
6th June 2011 14:12

TAND Invitational 2011

TAND Invitational 2011
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