Pipeline Pro Trials Decided

posted on 14th February 2011

After 11 hours of surfing the IBA Pipeline Pro trials have been decided.

The 16 successful riders to join the Men’s main event are

Brian Wise (Hawaii)
Alex Halsey (Aust)
Elliott Morales (Canary Islands)
Charles Ward (Aust)
Greg Wouters (Aruba)
Matt Holzman (Hawaii)
Nick Shand (Hawaii)
Kianoa French (Hawaii)
Kingsley Uaiwa (Hawaii)
Mark Klien (USA)
Keanu Cazemero (Hawaii)
Harley Ward (Aust)
Keoni Haina (Hawaii)
Babby Quinones (Puerto Rico)
Travis Smith (Hawaii)
Scott Rigby (Aust)

The 8 successful trialists in DK were:

Sacha Specker (South Africa)
Chris Won (Hawaii)
Landon Gaspar (Hawaii)
Luis Pereira (Portugal)
Ricky Alverez (Hawaii)
Josh Trotter (Hawaii)
Miles Kauhaahaa (Hawaii)
Damian King (Aust)

The dominance of the Japanese girls was impressive with all three spots going to them in the Women:

Miya Inoue (Japan)
Minami Hatekayama (Japan)
Aoi Kioke (Japan)

Overall its was a great day with the highlight being Brian Wise and his amazing comeback to the competitive arena. Brian is looking fit and focused and ready for battle at Pipe.

Please keep you eyes on the website tomorrow for another up date or call the event hotline on (808) 5797159



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