Wimpy Rossi upgrades to 3A rating

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posted by John Cawood on 11th April 2003

R8000 up for grabs and extra SABA circuit points (1250 instead of 1000). This is what was at stake in Margate at the Wimpy/Rossi Pro Am. The first 3A in 4 years, this contest boasted 11 of the top riders in the dropknee division, 18 development riders and total entries of 125 competitors.

Thanks must go to Wimpy Margate and Rossi Bodyboards for their continued support of bodyboarding in South Africa. Congratulations also to hosts Southern KwaZulu-Natal Bodyboarding, the officials and SABA putting on a great contest. A job well done.

The standard of riding throughout the event was high, with the competitors going for the biggest scoring moves in sometimes hard conditions. A one day window was decided on and used in the event. This allowed riders to make use of the best conditions in the morning.

On Day 2, the Rossi Bodyboard Keyring Rivermaster Challenge took place in front of the judging tower. The winner after 3 heats took home a keyring, the title and a copy of the new bodyboarding mag, Options. A mini clinic for the development riders was held on day 3 and by the way some of these guys were riding in their heats, looks like they could be giving the clinics some day.

Well done to all the riders and the organisers for a successful event.



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