Blow Out Club Contest #2: Lucien

posted by Derek Footit on 8th March 2004

For Blow Out's 2nd competition of 2004 the riders were graced with a good size swell and perfect conditions for the first time since humanity was introduced to sliced bread, but as usual the conditions were short lived. By the time the second heat had ended the wind had just begun and the 4ft+ outside that Lucien beach had in store for us slowly started to get chopped up by the North Easterly. However, with not too many entrants we were lucky enough to finish before the tide came in and the waves died off.

Unfortunately the well renowned Lucien inside was all but a vague memory and the riders in the younger divisions were forced to battle it out on the outside and brave the bigger waves. Amazingly enough though, they managed to muster up the courage from who knows where and paddle out to the outside to compete in most probably the biggest surf some of these guys have ever been in and with some of these riders only being a couple feet tall themselves, the waves looked to be more in the 8ft+ region when they took off on them because of their small physique, but even with all that weighing against them they got out there and did what they needed to do.

Throughout the contest, in all of the divisions, there were a number of big air rolls, massive inverts and huge ARS's, BUT once again the pro final was not to be out done by any of the other heats.

The first half of the heat the ocean went flat and the pro riders were seen taking off on 1 or 2 small ones to get their heat started, but with just under 10 minutes left in the 20 minute final there were waves galore and no stopping the carnage that followed. The pro riders took no mercy on the waves they rode and left no section wanting and busted off everything from that point on. There were 9 waves ridden in the last 10 minutes by 4 competitors, where they matched move for move, flip for flip and flew high and bigger with the awe struck judges left to decipher a winner out the amazing display of talent shown by the pro riders. Out of those 9 rides there were 7 ARS's landed and 2 massive rolls.

Congrats go to all the riders who competed and a great big thanks goes out to the ladies that helped out with the totalising and braving it through hot sun and strong winds.



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