Duart Maclean cleans up at EP Champs

posted by Jonathan de Lauwere on 17th September 2009

Locals take top spots at PE's premier bodyboarding wave for EP Champs

EP Hosted their annual bodyboarding Championships on the 29th and 30th of August at PE's top bodyboarding spot, Fence, where local knowledge played in the locals favor.

Sponsored by Rip Curl, Reef Brazil, Dakine bodyboarding accessories and Protap, it was a show stopping event on the final day.

The first day was held on PE's wildside in the reserve at Boilers where contestants were greeted to average 2ft waves breaking on the bank. None the less, the riders made most of the conditions and standouts in the early rounds were Vernon Wright (Herold's Bay), who made his heat with a crazy dk floater. Other standouts were Murray "Muzza" van Vuuren, who rode exceptionally smooth in both the boys and juniors divisions, and Murray Jones in both the Men's and DK divisions.

The second day was held at PE's bodyboarding headquarters, Fence. The boys were now frothing, especially the locals as Fence is one of the best bodyboarding waves in the area and they wanted to show the rest how to ride it.

In the Boys division, most bets were on Muzza seeing as he is the local lad and has been surfing exceptionally well. Another rider not to be counted out was Niklas Martin (Plett), who rides a very similar break back home. The two battled it out with two other PE boys, Kevin Kleynhans and SP Engelbrecht. It was a hard fought final between the top two places but it was Muzza's local knowledge that got him top spot with Nik in second, Kevin in third and SP in fourth.

Second up was the Juniors final where it was a case of dejavu as Muzza and Niklas met in yet another final against two junior locals, Chris Kleynhans and Brett Lenton. It was a hard battle between all the lads, every rider exchanging a stronger ride than the previous as each set rolled in. Everyone's money was on Muzza to take the double win, but it went to another local lad, Chris Kleynhans who combo'ed his fellow competitors out of the top spot with two high scoring rides. Muzza came in second, Niklas third and Brett fourth.

In the DK division a huge upset was Warren Canepa getting knocked out in his first heat leaving the others to battle it out for top spot.
Every heat was a hard fought one to the final and the final was exactly the same.

It was local boys Dylon van Tonder, who has been exceptional on the knee lately, Duart Maclean, Murray Jones, who are two never to count out and Herold's Bay local, Vernon Wright, who was a favorite throughout the contest. DVT was attacking every peak on his backhand with flawless style and pose. He was definitely the above the rest for most of the heat. Murray and Vernon just couldn't find that rhythm they had in previous heats and Duart was getting the job done to catch up to DVT.

Like they say, the game isn't over until the fat lady sings and that's exactly what happened. In the dying seconds, right before the buzzer, Duart got a peak that jacked up as he put his front foot up. He bottom turned into an impossible looking barrel only to exit down the line under the lip as the wave was going to close and thus pushing him from second to first. Unfortunately for Dylon this edged him into second but it was an awesome display from the boys. Murray and Vernon came in third and fourth respectively.

Next up was the newly formed expression session where eight riders were chosen to battle it out in two heats and the top two from each heat would advance from there into a final.

Each rider fought hard to get into that final but in the end it was two local boys, Warren Canepa and myself against the two southerners, Francois de Kock and Gavin Botha. Only the top spot was rewarded for this final so every rider went for broke to get top honors. Gavin nearly landed a sick air revo, Warren fought hard and I landed a flip into the pocket but it Francois who landed two big ARS's to get him into first and win that nice prize of KWV.

Next up was the Men's final where Francois and myself again found ourselves battling it out in the water against PE boys Murray Jones and Jacques Nel.

Jacques and Murray started off strong catching waves as soon as the buzzer went. Francois got a couple under his belt as well now leaving me with no waves been caught and the time getting less and less.

I caught my first wave eight minutes into the heat and now had to play catch up with the others bettering each new wave they caught. It was only at the prize giving when Murray was announced in fourth, then Francois in third and myself and Jacques left waiting in anticipation to see who would take top honors, I realized that one should never count themselves out even if you have to fight from starting at the back. Jacques was announced in second leaving me to take the top spot.

Last up was the Pro division and yet again seeing Francois in his third heat and final in a row. Herold's Bay local, Francois, is studying in PE and is always a familiar face at Fence. All the surfing there must've paid off!

He was up against local lads James Jones and Duart Maclean, the new generation who surf exceptionally well at Fence. Unfortunately the fourth rider, Dylon van Tonder couldn't paddle out into the final due to pulling a hamstring leaving him on the beach to watch the others battle it out. A pity as DVT has been surfing smooth on both the knee and prone.
James and Duart were fighting it out for that top spot from word go. Surfing his third heat in a row played its toll on Francois and it showed, leaving the two local lads exchanging better waves one after each other. Duart must've been in some wave frenzy as he burnt poor Francois without even looking back. Getting an interference and his top wave getting taken away, it pretty much left the top spot to one person. I don't think Duart knew what had happened or cared cause every wave after that he surfed better that than the one before.

As the Pro's were called up and placing beings announced with DVT getting fourth, Francois a respectful third, leaving James and Duart standing.
To the shock of his fellow competitors and I think himself, Duart was crowned the winner and James in second. It just shows that even with an interference, one can still go on to winning.

A further two bottles of KWV were sponsored for best barrel and best move. Taking all top spots for the 2009 Champs was Duart Maclean, winning best barrel for his DK wave in the final and best move, being a twisted invert in his Pro final. Well done to Duart Maclean, a quadruple win!

A big thank you must go to all the riders who participated, especially the guys from Herold's Bay and George and everyone that helped making the comp a success.

Thanks also to Rip Curl, Reef Brazi, Dakine and Protap for all the prizes.


1) Muzza van Vuuren
2) Niklas Martin
3) Kevin Kleynhans
4) Sp Engelbrecht

1) Chris Kleynhans
2) Muzza van Vuuren
3) Niklas Martin
4) Brett Lenton

1) Duart Maclean
2) Dylon van Tonder
3) Murray Jones
4) Vernon Wright

1) Jot de Lauwere
2) Jacques Nel
3) Francois de Kock
4) Murray Jones

1) Duart Maclean
2) James Jones
3) Francois de Kock
4) Dylon van Tonder

Expression Session - Francois de Kock
Best barrel - Duart Maclean
Best move - Duart Maclean



Wes PottsWesley Potts
22nd September 2009 00:49
duk knee dwart! yes yes yes!

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