WP Trial #1: Camps Bay

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posted by Sally Mellish on 21st February 2004

WP held their first trials of the year at Glen beach, Camps Bay today. Due to a lack of good conditions it was decided that only the development clinic, Groms, Boys, Ladies and under 16 girls would ride today and a decision will be made in the morning if the other divisions will ride on Sunday otherwise it will be postponed to the following weekend.

The results so far are as follows:

Groms: Boys U12
1st John Mellish
2nd Aden Kleve
3rd Bas Koopman
4th Andrew Raath

Boys Division
1st Jared Houston
2nd Andries Starke
3rd Gunter Muller
4th Micheal Whitehead

Girls U16
Che Smit

Cate Keen-Mellish

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