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posted by Michael Meyer on 8th February 2004

The first MOB (Mossel bay Organisation of Bodyboarders) contest for 2004 was held on the afternoons of the 3rd & 4th February. This was part of Point High School’s interhouse contest (surfing + bodyboarding). Due to this, some of the Mossel Bay bodyboarders couldn’t take part in the contest, so it only counted half points towards the MOB ratings.

On day 1 the waves were about 2-3ft, with a nice offshore wind. Only the dropknee semi’s and juniors round 1 took place on this day. Some of the stand-outs were: Adam Morley who had a 10 point ride for a clean Air Reverse, Stephan Maree with a nice ARS, and Michael Meyer with a near perfect ride with an big ARS – roll combo. There wasn’t a separate development division so all the development riders had to ride in the junior division. Some of them really impressed and are progressing really fast.

The swell picked up on day 2 producing about 3-5ft waves, the wind turned slightly to the south making the conditions slightly cross-shore. In the dropknee final there was a very close fight for 1st and 2nd, between Adam Morley and Ruan Marais. Adam took the edge with his clean carves and snaps. There were a few upsets in the junior semi finals, with some of the development riders taking out the some of the more experienced riders. The prone final also had a very close contest for 1st & 2nd, this time between Adam Morley & Michael Meyer. Michael had a good start, doing 2 inverts on his first 2 waves. Adam made a come back at the end, busting a huge invert, but he couldn’t find another good wave before the final siren.

All in all the contest went smoothly and everyone enjoyed it.



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