Win big at Wave House with the inaugural Sixty40 Flow Series

posted on 27th March 2009

Sixty40 Bodyboarding in association with Wave House Durban presents the inaugural 2009 Sixty40 Flow Series. The series consists of two events with the series winner bagging an all expenses paid trip to compete at the Flowboarding World Series for the grand opening of the new Wave House on Sentosa Island in Singapore.

The contestants are up against the fabled D-Rex, a double point break wave which gained worldwide notoriety as the first of it's kind in the world. The D-Rex is powered by 8 massive water pumps drawing water from its tanks which hold over 1 million litres of water. With each pump capable of circulating 125,000 litres of water per minute this 'Monster' is able to move an incredible 1 million litres of water or empty an Olympic sized swimming pool in 80 seconds.

With water flow reaching 45km/h and waves of up to 10 feet in height, the Wave House becomes an incredible setting for a contest. The part that makes this event so exciting is that spectators can literally sit 10 meters away from where the carnage will unfold. You don't get better viewing pleasure than that, not even at the rugby taking place down the road at the Shark Tank.

The two contest series consists of 4 divisions; Pro, Amateur, DK and boys with the first event taking place on the 13th of April at 5pm with the Cave Rock contest briefing following.

This is the biggest bodyboarding event ever to be held at Wave House with all the top riders going all out for the win. Will Jonathan 'Oros' Oliff have the nuts? Can Billy Tennant keep his top spot on the podium? Or will Wesley Fischer bring the skills? There are also 20 other hungry competitors out there all amped on going to Singapore, but who will bust out the hardest?

In addition to the awesome trip overseas, there will be plenty of other prizes from event sponsors; Sixty40, Hot Buttered, Gotcha, Wave House and Gateway, plus we have some surprises in store and good times to be had - so come and check it out!

For more info or if you think you have what it takes to get your hands on a ticket to Singapore please visit to enter. Enquiries can be directed to Billy Tennant on (031) 584 9400 or



Sixty40 Flow Pro #1

Sixty40 Flow Pro #1
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