WPBA Trial Dates 2009

posted on 11th February 2009

The Western Province Bodyboarding Association is proud to announce our Trials line-up for 2009.

Trial 1: 21st - 22nd February
Trial 2: 7th - 8th March
Trial 3: 18th - 19th April
Trial 4: 16th - 17th or 23rd - 24th/30th - 31st May

The Trials will follow the same format as last year in that the Men's, Boys, Ladies and Masters divisions will be run on the Saturday starting from about 12:00am, to give entrants time to participate in schools events and still make it to the trial. The Pro, Juniors and DK divisions will be run on the Sunday starting from as early as possible.

We might make adjustments to this format depending on how many entrants we have in the respective divisions. As we all know, we cannot run each division in one day so please bear with us.

We as a committee have spent a fair amount of time considering these dates, but have already encountered a problem with the first Trial, 21-22 Feb.

It has been brought to our attention that the WP Lifesaving Championships are due to take place over this weekend and as a result we have this announcement for those who will be participating in the lifesaving champs.

After much deliberation it has been decided that we will go ahead with the running of Trial 1 on the weekend of the 21-22 Feb, due to the lifesaving event effecting very few of our members.

We must however inform you that members do not need to compete in every trial in order to make the WP team as only the top 3 scores from the 4 trials are considered when selecting the team. If the member can provide a written letter from their parents stating their reasons for being unable to attend we will consider the allocation of an average score for that rider based on their performance during the remaining trials. So the rider will get a score even though they will not actually compete at the event.

Please note that these are exceptional circumstances and will not apply to the majority of excuses. There has to be a reason beyond your control for being unable to compete and even then it will be up to the committee to decide on whether or not your circumstances qualify for a score based on averages.

The only other problem we might encounter would be with the event in April as we are under the impression that private schools might still be on Easter holiday - Government schools should be back by then. So please, take note of these dates and try to ensure that your vacation is structured around them.

We have also allocated 3 consecutive weekends as a window period for the running of Trial 4. We decided to do this in order to ensure that the contest is held in the best conditions during the set window period. Trial 4 will run on 1 of these weekends so please make a note of that in your diaries and keep those days open. We will make the call as to whether or not the event might run at least 3 days in advance and in that way put riders on "amber" alert.

These dates are final and the only reason we would have for changing them would be unfavourable weather conditions or absolutely no swell.

Please guys take note of these dates and ensure that you are able to compete in as man of the trials as possible in order to stand a chance of being selected as part of the WP team to compete at the 23rd Annual SA Champs, which will take place in our very own backyard - Boland.

There is currently no date set for the WP Champs 2009, but as soon as a date has been set we will do our best to inform members.

A good way to keep informed of updates is to join our Facebook group, which allows you to receive WP info emails.

To join our group simply click HERE and click on the join group tab on the right hand side of your screen.

To download the WPBA membership form please click HERE to visit the Trial 1 contest page, click on the Adobe PDF logo to begin downloading, complete and return as soon as possible.

The WPBA Exco.



ElementreeGareth White
20th February 2009 07:23
Entries for the WP Trials series 09 are still open for anyone who would still like to register. Follow the links on this write up or visit the WPBA Trial 1 2009 contest page in the list of forthcoming events to download the entry form.

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