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posted by Murray Bell on 14th January 2004

Sydney Australia: WeThePeople Media announces the birth of a brand new bodyboarding magazine from some of the industry’s most creative and accomplished minds.

The Movement is the brainchild of Murray Bell, from the creative duo behind the Semi-Permanent International Design Conference’s and the Design Is Kinky collective, and former Riptide Magazine Editor Jethro Lyons. Contributions come from some of the best in the business: from the photographic talents of Tim Jones, Scott Aichner, Phil Gallagher to the words of Michael Crawley, Rick Bannister, Nick Long, Andrew Johnstone, Pete Moore and Simon Ramsey.

“We’re trying to do something significantly different,” says designer and publisher, Murray Bell. “Of course, the key to the magazine is the best action photos we can get, bottom line. But there’s a strong sense of community among bodyboarders, not just in the competitive scene, but in general, and they’re out there doing these really amazing cool and creative things. We wanted to do a magazine that represented them in the context of the wider world, and not define the magazine against, say stand-up surfers.”

Jethro agrees. “It’s about time people understood where bodyboarders fit into the entire surfing community,” he says. “In a lot of ways, the bodyboarding scene is less conservative. It’s even more heavily built upon the notions of freedom, fun, risk and change. Surfboard riding is great, but it’s significantly more mainstream, and that’s a constraint. Bodyboarding is younger and much more open to influences beyond the ocean. It’s less exclusive, but that’s part of the appeal and brings in a wider spectrum of personalities. We’ve got bodyboarding DJ’s, clothing designers, musicians, scientists… it’s a fascinating crowd. With the Movement, we’ll be staying true to the core but bringing out the people more. We’re planning to lift people’s expectations of what a bodyboarding magazine can be.”

Movement will be published bi-monthly, with a minimum issue size of 100 pages and high quality 130 GSM stock.

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MURRAY BELL . Art Director

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"Ideas will be flowing, chances will be taken... A powerful collective is imminent!"

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