Sacha Specker - making waves in Hawaii


posted on 28th December 2007

The BodyGlove Bodyboards USBA tour presents the Scion Hawaii Ledges Pro in conjunction with Custom X Bodyboards and the Foam Co Maui.

Day two of the SCION Hawaii Ledges Pro started off with similar conditions to day one.

The early rounds took to the water at 8 am, with big international names taking down USBA top riders. Ryan Hardy was one of them who took out Brian Stoerh with former NYBB Pro finalist Josifran Araujo taking second with a big roll to finish the heat.

Other early round standouts were Willy Pertrovick who took out Paulo Barcellos with some of the bigger inverts of the competition. In the third heat of the day Jason Bitzer was able take out top USBA rider Jeremy Wright with Kauai’s Kainoa Lumb taking second. Jeff Hubbard cruised through his heats with ease and composer into the semi finals. Jacob Romero put on a great show in his first heat with a clean display of inverts and solid combos.

Heading into the quarters there where big names going down such as Josifran Araujo, Jason Bitzer and Happy Zurkowski, all not dealing well with the now windy. Advancing through the next Quarter Round was Ryan Hardy and Brad Mebust who took a combined effort to take out USBA stars Willy Petrovick & Jacob Romero .

Breaking up the men’s pro quarters and semi’s was the Women’s pro final in which Kelly Gordon of Maui put on a stellar performance holding off the international apponents. Kelly had Mariana Rodriguez on her coat tails but Mariana was never able to better her second score.

Heading back into the Men’s Pro Semi, Australia’s Ryan Hardy continued his strong campaign in his first ever USBA event, he was able to land himself in the finals along side Kauaian Bud Miyamoto who was also the Ledges Pro Drop Knee Champion. The following semi saw Jeff Hubbard gain the highest maneuver score of the competition being awarded 9.5 and 10’s for his spin to clear air reverse combination. Following suit was Sacha Specker of South Africa who had been surfing well consistently all day long.

The conditions in the final were trying for the riders as a rainsquall hit almost to the second of the start flags going up. This however made for some cross-shore wedges that Ryan Hardy and Jeff Hubbard where able to use to launch large-scale inverts and ars’s. When the final buzzer blew it was Jeff Hubbard with two large air roll spins that narrowly edged out Ryan Hardy’s spin to roll and invert for the win. Thanks to our sponsors SCION Hawaii, Bodyglove Bodyboards, The Foam Co and Custom X Bodyboards for the their support of this amazing event.


Men’s Pro

1. Jeff Hubbard (Kauai)
2. Ryan Hardy Australia
3. Bud Miyamoto (Kauai)
4. Sacha Specker (South Africa)

Women’s Pro

1. Kelly Gordon (Maui)
2. Mariana Rodriguez (Venezuela)
3. Christian Lima (Maui)
4. Andrea Carvalho
5. Linda Molina

*Well done Spex ... keep ripping buddy!



MichelleDanielsMichelle Daniels
3rd January 2008 22:02
Awesome Spex! Bummed I missed that one with all the company, holiday festivities, etc. All the best to you on your next adventure :)
BillybusterBilly Tennant
29th December 2007 11:33
Way to go SPEX!! congrats bud, big ups!!!!!! best of luck for the rest!!!!!!!!!!

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