Blow Out's year end contest

posted by Derek Footit on 18th December 2003

Unusual to hold a club contest on a Saturday, but as things go it seemed to turn out for the best, for as we arrived at the beach we were greeted by a good little right hander coming off the point, about 3-4 ft, with a wind that wasn't too hard, proving decent conditions for a good days surf.

There were very few riders that turned out for the contest - since it was the last comp for the year - and only those riders that were fighting it out for that prestigious number 1 position in each division were there to appreciate the standard of riding and the good quality waves.
There were too many riders busting out big, in each division, to mention and even though as the day went on and the waves started to get a little less consistent, they still managed post top scores on their waves and every heat had its' turn for an ARS, REVERSE BASH, INVERT or BACKFLIP, even in the development and nippers division. However, at the end of every comp there can be only one ultimate winner in each division and a year-end champion to take home the trophy.

The year-end prize giving took place at "The Wild Horse Saloon" in Uvongo that evening and thanks must go to the owners for supplying us with braais and salads for the evening’s proceedings.



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