Durban Beach Pro Am Day 2


posted by Alistair Taylor on 30th June 2007

Day 2 of the Durban Beach Pro Am – Upsets continue

Well day of the Durban Beach Pro Am, presented by the Durban Beach Festival, SABC, Debis Fleet Management and HB Bodyboards, was fortunate to see at least the same surf as day one, as opposed to a severe drop in swell that we were all thinking might have happened. The surf was a well shaped and clean 2-3 ft – the only real drawback was that, being a dwindling swell, there were some long lulls on occasion, making the 18 minute heats feel more like 8 minutes.

As with day 1, some of the top seeds were blown out today – Karla and Al Taylor were also the unfortunate victims of the lulls in their heat, as Phil Rodrigues and Wes Fischer found a couple of nuggets to advance.

In the DK, Brandon Foster also went out in a closely contested heat. On the other hand, Factory7 team guy Derek Footit was ripping the daylights out of the sets he scored, doing some insane gouging snaps. Fellow F7 team rider Sean Tickner was also putting on a sick and smooth display of DK surfing, as were Wes Fischer and Vaughn Harris. Sacha Specker was also surfing insane, but he too has frustrated by a lack of waves, and got only one wave in his quarter final.

Other standouts from the day were Emile von Villenhoven, who had one of the highest scoring rides of the day in the Pro division, and advanced on to the pro semis.

Jared Houston, Dan Worseley, Mark Watts, Ian Kruger and Adam Morley were other star performers through the day.

The contest wraps up tomorrow, Sunday, with the Pro and Junior semis, followed by all 7 division finals. The Debis Development Clinic takes place at 11am. The Durban Beach Pro Am is co-presented by Bad Boy, Wimpy, ATD Bodyboards, and sixty40 magazine.



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