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posted by Gareth White on 29th May 2007

The Western Province Bodyboarding Association (WPBA), sponsored by Sport Unlimited, held the second in a series of four Trials at Derdesteen near Table View on Sunday 27th May.

Derdesteen has been chosen as the venue for both of the Trials thus far. Derde’s (as it is known by locals), has been providing riders with consistently good waves, on which to showcase their talent. On both occasions Mother Nature has been exceptionally kind, providing ample swell, favourable winds and plenty of sun to keep onlookers warm.

So far the events have produced some truly amazing bodyboarding, leaving many in the crowd stunned by the agility and technical complexity of maneuvers performed.
Although conditions yesterday were tougher than those of the previous trial riders were still treated to the occasional hollow, bowling peak from which a variety of moves were launched. For the most part though, good wave selection was critical and riders had very little time to react when a launchable section presented itself.

Highlights for me included: - Vaughn Harris’s show-stopping DK ride that scored him a perfect 10 from most judges and Aden Kleve's near perfect ride in the same heat.
Ian Kruger’s big rolls in the Pro Division, Simon Heale’s winding invert in the Men’s Division and Johnny Maritz’s undeniable ability on lefts.
The Boys Division once again found conditions rather tough and few managed to get to and stay in the back-line for extended periods of time-those that did were richly rewarded.
No heats for either the Ladies or the Masters Divisions were held-those heats will be run at upcoming trials.

Contest director and Men’s division competitor, Jamie Higgins- “As part of the selection committee, I have been very impressed with the quality of riding the riders have been showing off. Apart from our “Pro” division, which holds some of our countries best bodyboarders, riders in the Junior and Men’s division have been showing consistent form and I trust these divisions will produce the results at SA champs.”

Once selected the team will be participating in the South African Bodyboarding Championships, due to take place later this year in Plettenburg Bay at The Wedge.

“The selection criteria for making the Provincial team changes from year to year depending on where the National Championships are held. This year we are focusing on the rider’s ability to perform critical maneuvers on left breaking waves,” commented Higgins on the selection process.
WPBA, in association with Sport Unlimited, will be holding the next Trial over the weekend of the 9th-10th of June and it is promising to be a show-stopper. The location for the Trial is not yet known, but for more information contact, Jamie Higgins on 072 236 2788.

Division results, as they stand after two Trials

Pro Division:
1. Ian Kruger
2. Vaughn Harris
3. Daniel Worsley
4. Jared Houston

DK Division:
1. Vaughn Harris
2. Daniel Worsley
3. Robert Starke
4. Simon Hagen

Juniors Division:
1. Jared Houston
2. Jayden Alford-Loots
3. Jean-Pierre Hoffman
4. David Lilianfelt

Ladies Division:
1. Pamela Bowren
2. Lize-Mari Ras
3. Jannek De Kock

Mens Division:
1. Jan-Michael Lutzeuer
2. JP Notier
3. Jamie Higgins
4. Simon Heale

Masters Division:
1. Brett Simpson
2. Steve Polinski

Boys Division:
1. Jason Selby
2. Gus Lilianfelt
3. Josh Chigome
4. Bs Koopmans

For more information please contact Anmarie Bassett on 082 463 5704



ElementreeGareth White
30th May 2007 22:30
I've thought the same about Glen...not very visible.
Lands...might work, but there isn't a lot of parking.
Caves...never been there, but it looks epic!
Jared HoustonJared Houston
30th May 2007 21:42
i would say caves or lands..only thing with both is that its down a hill,so the carrying is a mission,and the riders,i.e. myself never seem to help out..but,as for the crowds,glen beach is not actually as visible as everyone thinks,the walkway is not visible from the road at all:(
ElementreeGareth White
30th May 2007 15:08
In my opinion there weren't many waves on offer on the weekend that the Classic was held...
The weekend before was cooking, you know Spy-i sms'ed and told you to get your butt to derede's on the Saturday. I think we surfed together that Sunday?
Anyway back to my point.
I feel that Glen Beach offered some of the best waves on offer(derde's was flat as a pancake), but ya...possibly they should look at other venues for future events.
Another thing is the time of year at which the event is held-summer!
Summers in Cape Town are naff-no swell, freezing water and pumping wind!
Maybe a shift in date would allow for better, bigger swell at a new location-with enough passers-by to keep the sponsors happy.
ChinnychinchinBrian Petzer
30th May 2007 15:06
I agree bro, it's the biggest sponging contest we have and it ends up a grovel-fest, no disrespect intended, but sponging 2ft waves just looks lame.....but then again Glen beach is central and easily has the potential to pull a monster crowd, and CAN get good waves, whereas other sick spots might have the goods, but be too far to draw a monster crowd....Llands, with it's location and nice ramps, could be the ticket....
Spy DudePierre Marqua
30th May 2007 14:55
so does that justify half a foot glen beach then?

Koeel bay?
Gas chambers?
all are options but it always ends up at good old (kak) glern beach
ChinnychinchinBrian Petzer
30th May 2007 14:47
Every year the Cape Classic has a pumping SE....Derdes + pumping SE = Sand in the teeth, crap waves and a paddle that rivals the Wiamea Shorey.
SmTSean Tickner
30th May 2007 12:31
I agree with Spydude's comment!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
30th May 2007 08:39
Maybe they should consider derdes for the cape classic next year and not hold it in half a foot glen beach again.....

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