The Bad Boy/Hot Buttered - Wavehouse Best and Biggest Trick Contest

posted by Sascha Taljaard on 19th July 2006

15 July 2006, the craziness continues ...

It's a sight that causes sore bodies and broken bones, picture this...

Eight of the best flo-bodyboarders in the world, busting out in perfect 6 foot barrels, hitting lips that are pitching onto a sponge-layered, plastic coated slab of solid concrete and the only thing keeping you from hitting this slab is an inch of water that is rushing out at you by eight huge kick ass pumps … the only place to land is the flats.

Mmmmmm so now that you know what to imagine, let me tell you what went on at the Bad Boy/Hot Buttered best and biggest trick contest at Wavehouse Durban south Africa.

Wez Fischer explains the criteria-"the criteria is pretty simple. The guy who wins would have gone the biggest, with the best style, and overall cleanest manoeuvre!!! One move counts and all the riders vote amongst themselves for the winner! Brandon Foster will be the only judge and his vote will count 20% of the total riders. So if there are 10 people riding, his vote counts for 2 people. This is so if there are any disputes. So if 10 competitors riding there will be 12 votes with Brandon's vote counting as 2 in the 12."

So there you have it, our very own Brandon "ODB" Foster the VIP guest judge for the event, making a special stop on his road warriors trip around South Africa. Other road warriors making the Durban stop on the trip were Marc Jucker (2004 SA champ & 2005 King of the Wedge) and Grant Clegg ("Distorted Movement") were there to check out the action and get the vid footage. Schafer and Dane and Dane's boet from pull the plug, were getting some footage as well as Sean Tickner (Random Projects) and Ryan "Cracker" Jansens shooting stills.

The wave was cranked up and the boys were amped!

Best and biggest trick started off kinda mellow with Billy doing his usual run, busting tricks that he has come to master over the past four years, and Michael 'Ratt' Ostler busted a sweet ARS. Things started heating up, Jevon Jackson (Cave Rock super charger) cranked some nice DK backside airs and Angelo "Vange" Ackerman was loving the DK backside lip spins and tried to pull a crazy backside DK roll. Emile von Vollenhoven (South Coast supergrom) was going huge and busted one super sick ARS, Paul "Bunyan" Munro was trying to better his huge invert he did in the warm ups and was cranking 1 hand rolls, going for crazy backflips, a super crazy full DK roll and trying out his own move called the roll varial. Wesley Fischer - wave riding super freak, Bad Boy/Hot Buttered team rider and contest organiser - was loving the vibe and was pulling off some sweet inverts and absolutely killing it drop knee. Sascha "ST" Taljaard (Bad Boy team rider) was just doing his thing, making some noise, feeding off the amped vibe, busting a couple lips and going for DK reverse airs.

45 minutes flew by super quick and the fifteen minute call was announced by the mc, the one an only Brett "big show" Jensen the karaoke king. The boys heard the call and decided it was make or break time. Wesley, Billy and Paul started doing run ins, they were flying so high and cranked the level to the max. Wesley absolutely dominated the run ins and was doing some of the biggest airs the Wavehouse has ever scene. Billy bust a sweet air forward off a run in. Paul just couldn't make some of his moves but went super big. Ratt busted a nice ARS and then decided to try the run in thing and got himself amped for a couple minutes, I shouted go Ratt an he just charged at the wave, he was so amped, as he was about to jump in, he slipped an body slammed the wave and got hammered by the lip. Emile threw his caution to the wind and busted one enormous invert and landed it.

5 minutes were left and the boys were giving 110% for the crowd and the cameras, they were broken, amped and hungry to get the title of doing the best trick at this mad event. Wez moved over to the right and busted the hugest invert I have ever seen but just didn’t land it. ST threw a crazy snap off the lip as well as a sick DK 180 reverse air and landed it clean. Wez busted another big invert and landed it … time was up.

Brandon told the riders what he thought and was battling to decide who had gone the biggest and done the best trick. His final vote was for Wesley's invert, ST's 180 reverse air and Billy's 360 air forward. The riders all got together and voted and decided that Wez definitely went the biggest and Wez was crowned.

That was the end of the best and biggest trick comp, but the fun was not nearly over. It was boogie day at Wavehouse and the boogies had all day passes for R150 and were loving life. Bad Boy and Hot Buttered were giving out mystery hampers. A few surprised members of the crowd were given some sick gear from our good sponsors. A little recuperation time and the boys were back on it for a photo and video shoot. The crowd stayed and watched the mayhem go down and were left bewildered and amazed at the moves they had seen during the course of the days proceedings.

The sun set on a beautiful day at Wavehouse and it was premiere time. I couldn't think of anything better than ending such a day like this. We started with "Distorted Movement" a seriously sick South African DVD that rates up there as one of the finest SA DVD's to ever hit the market and "Boogie Nation". ODB got the crowd going bananas with the mad road warriors throw out/give away and everyone was left smiling and stoked to be a bodyboarder.

I would really like to thanks Bad Boy and Hot Buttered for their support. These guys are really putting a lot into bodyboarding and we need support them to the max.

Thanks to Wavehouse and Wesley for putting this event on and to all the crew that work there for doing a great job. Thanks for the pics coffee.

Till the next time keep it real and let the stoke burn bright.



1-Wesley Fischer
2-Sascha Taljaard
3-Billy Tenant



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14th July 2006

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