Boland Trial 4


posted by Martin Ras on 14th April 2006

Nine foot swells breaking at every 12 seconds is definitely what puts a smile on my face when I receive the Wavescape report on the very night before our fourth trial. All amped I shove my new No Friends 1\2 DVD into my laptop and fall asleep dreaming of idyllic big barrels and enormous tweaked inverts.

6:30AM is the time I awaken from my summer slumber and the next morning I am absolutely stoked to only feel a light SE. This is the most important wind for my home break… good old caves.

Quickly Caves starts to fill up with boogers, surfing all over the place enjoying the stoke of a free wave riding. Sadly the trial had to start and the wave riders had to evacuate, but luckily the waves were still firing and the trial was going to rock.

Justin Hoeben dominated the whole of the Juniors quarters, semis and final. He was all over the place getting Barrels, doing ARS’s and in the Junior final he ripped it out with a fat Air Reverse. This obviously left him with a well deserved first place.

With the boys little Mark Webster didn’t let down and showed his division how it should be done, as well as a few of the pro’s.J This kid is going places with his consistent riding, keep it up.

With the Pro final the waves got messy, but we had to just deal with it... With a tight final Werner Adendorff claimed it beating old Nantes Visser just by only 0.3.

The DK final was all fun as usual. I had a nice little cover up barrel, thinking I had claimed it when suddenly I saw Mr Paul Morkel busting out a huge floater. Nice one Paul.

A huge thank you to Reef and Science Bodyboards for the prizes. They were much appreciated.




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