NBBC Umhlanga Challenge

posted by Alistair Taylor on 2nd April 2006

Just a quick news flash on the contest side of things - the next North Beach Club contest that was scheduled for April 2nd has been moved forward to April 16 and will be held at Black Rock in Umhlanga as part of the Umhlanga Sunshine Festival and presented by BadBoy/ Biotribe. The contest will in this case not be restricted to club members, but will be open to anyone that wants to enter without having to pay membership fees.

The cool thing about this event is that we will have a judging tower and PA system, so it'll be kinda like a mini-SABA event. The festival also attracts thousands of beach goers over the easter weekend, so it should be good exposure for bodyboarding.

Divisions are pro, U20, U15, Ladies, DK and development. There will also be a development clinic from 12pm-1pm for anyone interested. Entry forms are available at Piranha, North Beach Surf shop and some should be out at Hurricane Surf shop in umhlanga this week. Entry closing date is Thursday April 13 4:00pm. This contest was arranged at the last minute, but it's going to be a good opportunity for us to get some mainstream exposure, as the festival gets great media coverage, and more importantly we can start to line things up for a bigger and better event there in 2007- hopefully a full-blown SABA contest.

Any inquiries, call Wayne du Preez - 083 797 1697 or Alistair Taylor - 082 863 6665.



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Richardson & Taylor win the Umhlanga/Bad Boy Bodyboarding Challenge
16th April 2006

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