Boogyology Contest #2 held in tough conditions

posted by André de Vries on 22nd December 2005

Boogyology Bodyboarding Club of East London staged their second competition for 2005 at Gonubie Main Beach on Saturday, 10 December 2005. The whole week before the compo, Gonubie had great waves, with a great swell being forecast for late Friday. We were very excited to hear this. Saturday dawned beautifully, but early morning conditions were flat with a few 1.5 to 2-foot waves.

Albert Snyman, who runs Boogyology with Simon de Vries, rocked up with a letter from Buffalo City Municipality. Yes, the beach has been booked; yes all the necessary forms have been signed, but now you must pay R832 for the use of the beach. We got some generous sponsors, but we bought decent prizes for it. Luckily Albert's parents agreed to help out. We're a club with 25 members with a membership fee of R60 per year, we got 30 entries at R25 per entry. I mean, how can we afford to continue if this is the kind of price that needs to be paid for the use of a beach?! That sorted, we got the compo started.

First up were the juniors, but they really had to work hard to impress the judges in the flattish conditions. A mild south-westerly started blowing, improving the size of the sets, but it made conditions messy. After the first round in the river mouth, we move 200m down the beach to the tidal pool area where conditions looked better. Half-way through the round the swell became too big and messed up the waves even more. Back up to the mouth area again. By this time the wind was blowing really strong and almost demolished the judges' gazebo. In fact, it did blow away, but fortunately some jocks playing touch rugby on the beach managed to corral it and we dug it in really tight.

After round two, the contest organisers and the judges decided have 5-man finals instead of the scheduled 4-man finals to make provision for guys who missed the finals by 0.5 points and who worked very hard for the success of the compo. Everyone was happy with the arrangements.

At last the waves looked a bit better and we saw a few Air Reverses, Inverts and some decent rolls. The Juniors final was a one-man show with Albert Snyman the convincing winner. He also qualified for the Pro's final and ended up with a credible 4th place. Kyle Thomson and Peter de Lacey nailed each other in the Groms final until Kyle showed his skill with a great high invert. Hea ran out the winner by 4 points over Peter in the end. We had to wait till the Pro's final to see some real action. It was a tight contest between Darryn Randall and Ryan "Cabbage" Botha. They matched each other wave-for-wave until Darryn landed an awesome ARS, which he claimed beautifully! This ride gave him the final by 1.5 points over Cabbage with Martin O'Neill taking third spot. The drop-knee final was again a seesaw contest between Darryn and Cabbage, with Cabbage coming out on to with 1.5 points this time!

The prize-giving was held directly after the last final and all the guys were very pleased with the quality of the prizes which consisted of fins, DVDs, EVC Hoodies, Trucker Caps, Leashes, Shoes and other lesser product prizes.

Boogyology really wants to thank all our loyal sponsors, Extreme Sports Co. (pair of Quiksilver shoes and massive discount on prizes that we bought), Empty Vessel Creations (clothing), Gonubie Hotel (cash donation) and Mochachos Chicken Villages (Gonubie) who again ensured that the judges and officials were well fed. We also want to thank Link FM, our local Christian Radio Station, for giving us two live interviews, Algoa FM for announcing the compo for two weeks and the Go & Express Community Newspaper for the coverage of the event. Without these people the event would not have been possible!

The final heat sheets in the four divisions and some photo's of the winners and the compo are attached hereto.


1. Darryn Randall
2. Ryan Botha
3. Martin O'Neill
4. Albert Snyman
5. Murray Holland

1. Albert Snyman
2. Lloyd Smith
3. Simon de Vries
4. Wade Wright
5. Marcel Rheeder

1. Ryan Botha
2. Darryn Randall
3. Simon de Vries
4. Charles Faye
5. Wade Wright

1. Kyle Thomson
2. Jonathan Love
3. Peter de Lacey
4. Justin Cummings
5. Lloyd Marshall



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