Pull the Plug hits the shelves with its launch at the Wavehouse

posted by Coral Dyer on 12th December 2005

A 70's band named The 4 Seasons, couldn't have said it any better in their hit single ... "Oh What A Night!" Yes, it was indeed an evening that many will remember for quite some time.

Most of the crowd decided to delay their arrival until just before the advertised starting time of 8pm, nothing like cutting it fine. For most of us the festivities had started getting underway much earlier. The barflies were out in full force, the ladies were dressed to impress and the guys were pimped out to the max! Having only really expected a turnout of about a 100 people, we were quite taken aback by how many came to watch the film. The crowd peaked at roughly 300. From overexcited groms to parents, grannies, and everyone in between.

We got the evening underway by doing a few t-shirt handouts to get everyone in the festive spirit. Oros from Random Projects started chucking out shirts with an evil glint in his eye as he realised he had the crowd of screaming groms at his mercy. Things were dangerously close to getting out of hand.

The next step was to try and get the crowd to quiet down a bit so Jared could thank the sponsors, but we soon realised that without a mike this was impossible, so we got our friend Mike (the token surfer) to give a deafening whistle to gain everyone's attention. So in the end we had a Mike. With nothing else left to do, we hit play on the machine and let the crowd enjoy what they had come to see.

I don't think there was more then a split second of silence from the whole crowd during the film. From screams at the first few moves to an uproar of laughter throughout the rest of the film. I'll bet there were a lot of people who lost their voices that night.

When the movie had finally come to an end there was a loud applause followed by cheers and whistles. Everyone then proceeded to move into the Wavehouse foyer where copies of the movie were purchased and the lucky punters were entered into a draw for an awesome Rejected clothing hamper kindly sponsored by Factory 7. Nearly unlucky number 12 was drawn and the prize went to Rossi who kindly donated a few items of clothing to his friends.

Things then stared to get rowdy again as Oros decided it would be a fun idea to roll up the Random Projects banner and sneak up on unsuspecting people in order to whack them on their butts. It was then decided that it now was a good time to take the party to Pop Art Cafe where they played Pull the Plug again on their big screen. The tunes were thumping and the liquor was flowing, and "the rest" as they say, "was history!"

Thanks to all those who came out and supported, it's great to see how fresh and alive our sport really is!



GordnotDougGordon Cockwell
22nd December 2005 09:42
Hey Jared, I'm back in Fort Lauderdale so don't send me a copy in Hawaii, sound like things are rocking, stoked for SA bodyboarding and you.
danusDane Forman
13th December 2005 19:42
A big thanks to all the guys that helped out with the vid. Turned out to be an INSANE eve with some of SA's best battling it out on the screen and the dance floor...GOOD TIMES!!! Thanks again guys...Doug, the dvd is available at the factory 7 website-www.factory7.co.za. check it out, its a classic.
jbsJared Schafer
13th December 2005 19:30
you can order online at www.factory7.co.za Dont know the ins & outs for overseas orders but I'm sure the guys will try make a plan. Enjoy!!!
Douglas CockwellDouglas Cockwell
13th December 2005 08:07
Great to here bodyboarding is blow up in SA. How can I get a copy? I live in Germany nowadays. Congrats to "Pull The Plug" production team. Keep it up. Later, Douglas Cockwell

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