Boland Trial #1


posted by Martin Ras on 6th December 2005

The day started off with a rather unwanted wind, the South Wester - there goes our option regarding Caves. The ground swell was looking round about the 14 foot mark and some of us had big expectations but left us with the question: "Which spot will produce?"

After a few drives to Kokkarot, Betties and Hermanus (bear in mind that these spots only work on a North Westerly so we were pushing our luck) we ended up at a little fisher's friend (poachers) place called Pringle Bay.

The waves weren't looking too good - the perfect SA wave (if you know what I mean) After a few heats I could start to see the waves were getting more shape but still not enough to actually do a decent manoeuvre. The wind was changing slightly to offshore/cross shore but then after one heat the lovely onshore was blowing in our eyes again. Although blowing onshore, the waves weren't looking too bad for the rest of the day and the competitors did their best to impress the judges.

The pros paddled in, including myself, and I got a wave with no lip so sad to say - Grovel! Nantes Visser from Mossel Bay (now surfing for Boland) won the heat with a few nice waves.

Justin Hoeben dominated the Junior Final and earnt himself a well deserved first place.

As for the Pros well-known Werner Adendorff had an ARS with a dash of air on the menu and made the rest of the finalists pay full price.

The waves were sick for DK and we had an epic time in the final. The average sprays and floaters were seen. But when it comes to DK, style says it all. Two older Onrus locals Mark and Raun had to share first place, having tied on equal scores.

The day ended with burnt faces and smiles all over. Thanks to Len from Science Bodyboards, Billabong Surf Shop and Surwear House for the sick prizes.



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