Waves pump for round 1 of the Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge

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posted by Mark Fordham on 12th July 2005

Today saw Cronulla Point lined with over 2,000 spectators, not to mention the couple hundred of spectators watching the event from the water.

Stands out during the day were, Cronulla local Andrew Lester, Brazilian Guilherme Tamega, Australian’s Ben Player, Nick Ormerod, Christian Riguccini, Dave Ballard and Brae Pettiford.

2x World Champion and event favourite, Australian Damian King was eliminated after his final wave that he caught was scored after the hooter. King suffered a serve cut to his heal receiving several stitches which will see him out for the next few weeks. “I caught a couple of good waves in my heat” king explained. “On one of my waves I was driven into the reef so hard in which my heal just opened up which required stitching. I tried to get one last wave that would have got me through to the quarter finals but the hooter just beat me to it.”

The event is the regarded as the mot prestigious event on the International Bodyboarding Associations Men’s World tour calendar with the winner’s cheque being $20,000 AUD, the riches first prize cheque in the sport history.

Organisers are looking at completing the event next weekend when a predicted increase in wave height is forecasted.

For more info on Heat & Rounds breakdowns and the most up-to-date official information, please check our website; www.cronullasharkislandchallenge.com

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