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posted by Riaan du Preez on 19th June 2005

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JudgesFrom all over the Western Cape they joined us. Adam Morley and Nantes Visser from Mossel Bay, and not to miss the Western Province team out for a practice. We even had an International interest from Reunion Island here for a holiday exchange – Julen welcome to our windswept shores, hope you have the surf you are looking for on this side and Pieter don’t let the man work too hard or surf too little.

After a scary rock fall warning on Friday, 3 June 2005, we went off on the search for good waves on Saturday morning. The guys started phoning from 7am, not a good time seeing it is still pitch dark at that time. But Caves proved to be the old faithful we know it is.

A cloud burst earlier the morning made the little stream running from the mountain into a nice big, foot numbingly cold, obstacle to cross, and just before you get to the beach another one. Way too freezing for some of the girlfriends and maybe some of the boyfriends too. Big fun!

One of the non-riders that did the judging course at SA Champs 2004 joined us on the beach round about heat 3(three). He is the man going by the name of ‘Bob the Fantastic’. Why do I say this you may ask? Well….. Bob did the Rossi judging test. From the time he got to the beach to the end of the event Bob was the main judge. Everyone around him judged one or two heats in a row, not Bob. He did the whole day. 24 heats no break, how’s that for concentration. Missing only the odd short ride here and there and scoring consistently, I think we’ve got the making of a fabulous and accurate judge in this man. Give him a few years to do the SA tour judging and nothing will stop him from being the best.

The junior round one was in first, with a bit of juggling to get the late arrivals in the water too. All the usuals made it through their heats, but some of the big guns misjudged the unknown first time, local riders. In the finals the results were as follows:

1. Adam Morley
2. Jared Houston
3. Tomas Degenaar
4. Bas Jones

NantesThe pro’s were next and here the sparks went wild. A couple of junior riders decided to take on the pro’s, they were Nantes, Jared and Adam. Hmmm a good mix here with the juniors gave the big boys a run for their money. The results were as follows:

1. Daniel Worsley
2. Adam Morley
3. Nantes Visser
4. Henki Esterhuisen

Just to mix it all the Ladies and Girls U16 final went in to brave the normal monsters that tends to roll through in the ladies heats in every competition. They made the best of the conditions and showed some of their male counterparts how the surfing thing is done. They finished as follow;

1. Shané Kirsten
2. Mardi Geldenhuys

Girls U16
1. Hermien Greyling

After her heat Hermien jumped into mom’s taxi and off to play a hockey game somewhere in Cape Town. Man, now that’s what I call dedication.

The juggle to keep the Pro and Junior riders from over exertion doing the Drop Knee heats too was not easy. The semi-finals were fun to watch with the conditions at that moment not really conducive to the dk style. But at the end it was the Boland crew with the right idea, just too bad that one of the riders frozed out and didn’t paddle in for the final. Check out the final result;

1. Nic Morkel
2. Riaan Du Preez
3. Justin Lotz
4. Paul Morkel (no show)

After almost a whole day of waiting and some free surfing, the old ballies(men) paddled out for their heat. Being one of the only five man heats this promised to be one of the best rides of the day. The boys went all out and showed some that old school moves are still alive and kicking. Peter Lambert had to give up his perch behind the camara and strut his stuff infront of it. And the results showed why he can be seen as one of the best in his line of interests (fire);

1. Peter Lambert
2. Pieter Bezuidenhout
3. Ian Thurtell
4. Sacha Wharton
5. Nic Morkel (no show)

After a game of rugby earlier the morning Johno Mellish decided a highly contested boys round will be enough to send him into the records as a multi disciplined sportsman.

The Boys and Boys U12 decided they will run head to head and tackle the same heats to define the difference between Groms and Boys, well not much cause the scores were very close with the results as follow;

1. Johno Mellish
2. Matthew Webster
3. Andries Starke
4. Morné Oosthuizen

Boys U12
1. Chris Snyman
2. Sin-Jin Calitz

And last but not least the very old and not yet grey ballies (masters) went in. King Neptune played with and dropped the big set frequency a bit. After doing his taxes and the other one running up and down the beach they paddled out. It was fun to see two of the hardcore boys still in the grove, giving no quarters and not getting any either the result was as follows;

1. Riaan Du Preez
2. Barnaby Brinkworth

With big thanks, again, to Len Bradford – Surfwear House, and Pieter Bezuidenhout – Billabong Somerset Mall that made this on of the nicest and biggest fun contest in the Boland Bodyboarding Association calendar this year.

Those that entered thanks see you at Boland AGM/Team announcement in a few days time and at SA’s at the end of September.


Riaan Du Preez



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