Andre Botha Joins School of Science

posted on 5th June 2005

Mike Stewart is happy to announce 2x world champion and South African master Andre Botha has signed on to represent Mike Stewart Science products. The multi year deal will see Andre on Mike Stewart boards and wetsuits. Andre is currently working with Mike to design his new "Chronic" model, which will launch for the summer season in the US.

Andre had this to say from his home in SA: "I have spent the last year considering the past and future of my career. As I move forward, I want to work with a company that is thinking about the future. Unquestionably, Mike Stewart is one of the greatest surfers and product innovators in our business. I think together we will achieve some very big goals in performance surfing and redefine equipment in the process. Mike's products do not compromise, and I need that from my equipment."

Meanwhile at the Big Island Science Compound: "I have been speaking with Andre for several weeks about working together. Andre's talent is only one of the things he offers us. His path through life has taught him powerful lessons, and we hope to share these with the world. I have very high expectations of Andre, and he is prepared to deliver. He has the talent and desire to be at the very top, and redefine performance surfing."

Andre joins the Mike Stewart Science team of: Jono Bruce, Thomas Robinson, Anthony Savoji, Beau Day, Jarrett Lau, Milo Rodriguez, Chris O'Conner, Oshi Grady, Nate Rubio, and Harry Dixon.



craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
29th January 2010 13:04
Can I get a woops woops?

LOL, should seen the date...
KellyKelly Footit
29th January 2010 12:48
Craig - this is old news from 2005. Dre is now riding for Turbo which is now available in SA.
craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
29th January 2010 12:34
Yeah Dre!
Yeah Science!

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