The Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro Results


posted by Mark Fordham on 8th February 2003

Jeff Hubbard takes out the Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro in style

Pipe produced perfect 8 - 12ft W/NW swell this morning, sunny conditions with off shore conditions. The Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro event started today in epic conditions. As the word got out the crowd started to fill the thin stretch of Ehukai Beach Park, battered this winter by the constant ravaging monster swells that have bombarding the North Shore of Oahu.

Round 1

Stand outs in Round 1

Heat 1
Guilherme Tamega from Brazil and Andre Botha from South Africa- Botha dominated the heat with some of the biggest deepest barrels; Tamega was busting huge el rollos. Kelley Hunt from Hawaii was finding good tube time as well with some nice inverts on the end of the bowl.

Heat 2
Jason Hazle from Australia and Alistair Taylor from Hawaii Hazle and Taylor were in tune with some long tube rides while Paulo Barcellos from Brazil tried his luck with back door.

Heat 3
Toby Player and Andrew Lester from Australia

Heat 4
Possibly the most radical heat of the event, the big guns - Virtue, Damian King, Benny Player, Ryan Hardy from Australia and the two Hawaiian's Mike Stewart and Jeff Hubbard. Virtue was busting hard though was finding it hard to make things stick, Ben was dominating the heat with some stylish rides. Stewart scored a classic pit. Hardy scored some big ones as well, though got bounced of the reef on one of the bombs.

Round 2

Round two saw a slight change in wind direction as predicted by the surf forecast. Standouts included Jeff Hubbard who was doing basically everything imaginable; Sean Virtue was busting some of the biggest inverts. Mike Stewart and Andre Botha score some solid tube time as well.

Though the day belonged to Jeff Hubbard, just before the Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro presentation, he was crowned the Regional WQT Pipeline Champion. An emotional Jeff Hubbard's accepted the RockstarGames Pipeline Pro first prize. Hubbard's standard of surfing today was unbelievable. His tube timeand precise aerial attack just got him over the line.

The Rockstar Game Pipeline Pro Results

                      Score   Prize
 1. Jeff Hubbard      149.4   6000
 2. Andre Botha       146.8   3000
 3. Ben Player        143.3   2000
 4. Alistair Taylor   139.0   1600
 5. Guilherme Tamega  136.3   1200
 6. Mike Stewart      136.2    800

The Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro, the final event of the G.O.B World Super Tour.

Jeff Hubbard - crowned and deemed The Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro Champion.



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