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posted by Mark Fordham on 10th May 2005

Cronulla Point, N.S.W - Australia
Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd of July 2005

The main event starts on the first high tide of the waiting period being the 6th of July.

Event briefing will be held Tuesday the 5th of July. Competitors who make it through will be informed of venue.

The Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge is one of the world's most prestigious events on the IBA world Tour. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it.

There will be a minimum of SIX (6) positions available for the main event. Numbers may increase depending on the availability of the top 20 on the IBA World Tour (WT).

With solid winter swells predicted during this period Cronulla Point will be the location for the first ever Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge Trials. If waves do not permit for the event to be staged at Cronulla Point a suitable location will be found on the Cronulla beach stretch.


*Due to time and tide restrictions the Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge Trials WILL NOT BE HELD AT SHARK ISLAND.
* Only one division available. No age limit.

(If contestant is under 18 years of age, Parent or Guardian must sign waiver form at Competitor’s Meeting. If parent or Guardian is unable to be present at Competitor's Meeting, only a notarized copy of waiver will be accepted.


Competitors must be fit and confident to surf Shark Island if they progress to the main event. Reef surfing experience is a necessity. Personal Insurance is advised for all competitors.

Please note- Travel insurance does not cover you for injury during a professional sporting event which includes the Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge.

For those who are unsure on their ability or fitness please bear in mind - if you can see yourself being pounded on a cunji infested reef with sharp barnacles in heavy 6-8ft conditions, holding your breath for up to 30 seconds and to be able to paddle back out in one piece with out complaining, if this is you more than welcome to enter this event. It is your skin.

Better still-

If you can see yourself talking off on the wave of your life, back dooring one of the world’s most feared barrels, driving through the bowling sections and at an instant focus your mind to hit the 6 foot wave struggling to hold the three foot thick lip that is defining gravity and bust into a fat dirty invert which projects you onto the flats into safety – if that is you bring it on. We want to see it.

Serious training and stretching is advised.

Event Information

Event Name – Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge Trials
Location –Cronulla Point, Cronulla / Sydney - N.S.W
Contest Director –Mark Fordham
Contact – 0417 660 323
Email – [email protected]


Cronulla Beach YHA Sydney NSW Australia
The backpacker accommodation at Cronulla Beach YHA in Sydney Australia has everything you'll need and a 3 Star Grading from the Youth Hostels Association (YHA) of Australia.

Transport options
Sydney trains run straight to Cronulla. Once at Cronulla Railway station walk across the road and directly down to South Cronulla Beach (2min walk) Cronulla Point is straight ahead to your right.

General Information
June / July on the east coast of N.S.W, Australia- Winter swells generate some of the best surfing conditions known to man. Cronulla Point is one of the only point breaks in the Sydney area that can handle clean winter swells and is protected by the dominate South / Southeast winds that normally accommodate swell during this period. Out come being protected contestable waves.

Water temperature is cool, long arm spring suits to full 4/3 steamers for all types of protection. Good chances of thumping low pressure systems in the Tasman Sea pulsing solid clean ground swells up the east coast. High surf activity at this time of year so come prepared for surf ranging from 4 to 10 foot.

If any competitor with travel arrangements preventing them from arriving in time for their heat on the first day of competition (03/07/05), please contact Mark Fordham on 0417 660 323 - prior to the commencement of the trials.

Visit the contest page to download the entry form which contains further information.



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