Lines of Fire out December '05

posted by Ian Thurtell on 24th March 2005

Hey South Africa!

We are producing a new South African Bodyboarding DVD, "lines of fire" that is to be released in December 2005 with the aim to showcase as many of SA's top riders as possible!

To achieve this aim we are calling on any videographers or riders who have high quality Digital Video footage to submit it to us for review and if it's good enough we will include it on the DVD. Also, if you have a high quality video camera (mini-dv or 3ccd), please get out there and start filming your local riders! Due to us not being able to be everywhere at once, we are needing footage from all areas in SA, except Cape Town.

Please contact us to submit your footage or for more information:

Ian Thurtell - or 084 6422 352
Peter Lambert - or 083 3136 106

We look foward to hearing from you!! Any comments or suggestions, please post them as comments against this article.

Ian Thurtell



Peter LambertPeter Lambert
29th March 2005 12:17
We should be at the bayview event, to cover the guys ripping up huge lines. Gordon, thanks for the response, I have gotten hold of you directly.
GordnotDougGordon Cockwell
25th March 2005 18:58
Hey I have some sick footage on Mini DVD of a alright session in the Cape Reserve film by Pikkie with my camera when I was home on vacation how much you paying per minute?? Or are you sharing the profit with all contributors??
Contest footage sucks unless it is in solid sick bb waves as to many riders are packing in the moves. Bayveiw event was sick would like to see more of those events on dvd.

Anyway what do I know!

Gordon Cockwell
P.S. Good to see more local SA dvd, more competion produces better results eventually!
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
24th March 2005 10:47
Hi All,

Just to fill in some of the blanks: In June 2004 I started filming a Cape Town based bodyboarding movie. From there things have gone from strength to strength, with Janet Schofield, Rory Lancellas, and Ian Thurtell joining the Lines Of Fire crew. We are taking a little longer than most to make our DVD because we want to be as inclusive of as many good riders as possible, and produce a high quality DVD.

As Ian said we are mostly looking for footage of non Cape Town guys, because we are doing so much filming in CT already, but if you have CT footage it would still be worth your while to make contact, because we might still want to use your footage, and If you are a budding film maker, we could help you get the best possible footage and results out of your camera setup.

If you are a rider, firstly the DVD is going to be awesome, and also keep an eye out for sneak preview dates to be announced, so you can get a taste of what is to come.

We are trying to cover as many SABA contests to get the whole SA picture, and we are also very interested in non-contest underground riders as well.

If anyone has questions, or comments, please post them, or get hold of myself or Ian, or chat to us if you see us on the beach.

Best Regards

Peter Lambert
([email protected] / 083 313 6106)

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