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posted on 10th March 2005

Brought to you by Vortex Boogie Nation and CustomX

It was a slow start, and the swell and contestants filled in throughout the early morning. The beautiful conditions were already there to stay. We had come together for not only the common love of bodyboarding, but also Drop Knee and FUN! At 10:00am, the riders that were gathered met and conferred about the specifications of the event. Meaning the Riders would Decide how the contest was to run and the best format to determine a winner. It was agreed that the heats would be man on man, 30 minutes, best ride to determine the rider to advance. With each of the 8 riders throwing in 25 bones in a basket for the Victor, and 2nd to receive a new 2005 CustomX dub.

With everything moderately ironed out, heats were drawn and sent to start. Heat one began with Big Island's Ricky Alvarez, and Oahu's Micah McMullin paddling out to a peak situation at 2-4 ft (Hawaiian) Pipe. Both of the regular footed Hawaiian dropkneers were seeking out the rights to suit their frontside attack. The heat was won by Alvarez awe inspiring huge death float on a 4 footer at backdoor. Though he didn't land it, it was arguably the most spectacular and treacherous move of the day. Heat 2 saw South Africa's Brandon Foster and Pismo's Louie Robles, a goofy/regular battle at the best peak situation in the world. Foster struck swift and smooth on a critical backdoor tunnel, with a steep drop into the pit, he managed to escape just in the nick of time before the rest of the the 3ft slab closed out at him. Another Pismo vs. International spectacle in Heat 3 with Reunion Island's Thomas Richard and flourecent Hot Buttered hunk Brett Roldan.

Richard continually went for the most vertical drops of the event, often getting completely airborne, one of which apartently double knee incurred him a side pain. With the ones he did make, he was able to edge out Roldan's smooth snaps. Heat 4 brought together another Californian James Murdock against Hawaii's David Hubbard. Hubbard's numerous and high-scoring barrels to floats put him through.

By 12:30 there were some 5tft sets rolling through every once in a while and the wind was blowing into the barrel at the Pipeline. The semi's were interesting from the start, or late-start rather, by the laid back Frenchman Thomas Richard vs. the motivated Ricky Alvarez. While the smooth unique style of Richard and his Rasta trunks were consistent, Alvarez kept going as big as could. It was a close heat looked at by all angles, but in the end Ricki had the best wave and that meant he was heading to the finals.

Semifinal 2 was the CustomX team battle with Foster vs. Hubbard. Just minutes into the heat Hubbard scored a deep 4ft Pipe shack followed by a controlled off-the-lip. As correctly pointed out by the onlookers, that wave would win the heat; as backdoor couldn't offer Foster much before time had run out.

Into the finals we go with two Hawaiian Dropkneers, Ricky Alvarez and David Hubbard. By this time (2pm), the swell was a bit inconsistent, but anxious to decide a winner the finalists agreed the heat length would remain 30 minutes. Hubbard managed to find a few nugs early on, but had trouble exiting the tube. Clueing in to Pipe, Hubbard found the wave of the heat, a barrel to "lipper" combo that could not be surpassed by Alvarez's strong effort at the Banzai. Getting Loose, later in the heat Hubbard even threw a Dk Roll attempt, as a full-rotation tribute to the trademark innovative boost of his teammate Foster.

As the event ended in the early afternoon sunlight, 2nd place along with a 2005 CustomX dub went to Ricky Alvarez. And in the yellow days rays, receiving the Yellow Jersey of the Rider Decider as well as $200 and given a kiss along with getting lei'd by a beautiful wahine to boot, was a very happy David Hubbard. Upon its completion, those in attendance agreed to have been a fantastic event, and it was recommended it happen again.

Thanks to Vortex for the venue, CustomX for the dub, and Boogie Nation for the Shirts. Also thanks to all those who helped out, showed up and showed support. And special thanks to Glenn from Static Video Magazine for the images!



Pipeline Drop Knee Rider Decider

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