Southern Cape Trials 2005

posted by Michael Meyer on 7th March 2005

The Southern Cape Bodyboarding Association’s trial series started on Saturday, 5 March. The first trial was held at Herolds Bay. Conditions were slightly messy, but still contestable. The waves were in the 3-5 ft. range. There were about 35 entries for the trial with the Junior division having the most entries. 17 Junior riders took part.

Despite the less than perfect conditions, excellent riding was still seen by some of the riders in all the divisions. A few of standouts were Vaughn Harris, Gavin Botha and Francois de Kock all from Herolds Bay, Adam Morley from Mossel Bay and Sampi Kamffer from Plettenberg Bay. Gavin had an excellent semi final heat racking up some 7 & 8 point rides. Adam launched a huge ARS in the junior final, but just couldn’t pull it off.

The 2nd trial took place the very next day. The trial was moved to Little Brak (Kleinbrak). Conditions for this trial was epic. 3-4ft barreling lefthanders and a couple of nice right-handers came through, providing an excellent set up for big moves and long tube rides. The riders didn’t disappoint.

Standouts for this trial were: Bjorn Coetzee who pulled off a nice ARS (Air Roll Spin) in one of his heats, Sampi Kamffer who had a sick tube ride exiting with a clean Roll and of course Vaughn Harris, who pulled off some big moves as usual. There was also a big upset in the junior division, with Johan Nortje (Mossel Bay) and Shaun Grobler (George) knocking out, 2004 Boys SA Champ, Adam Morley in the 1st round. It just shows how even the junior riders are.

These were the first 2 of 5 trials to be held for the selection of the 2005 Southern Cape bodyboarding team. Results for all the finals will only be announced after all the trials have been completed. Everyone will be waiting in suspense right to the end.

Trial 3 will be in April, the exact date yet to be confirmed.



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