The Governing Body of World Bodyboarding Changes Identity


posted by Mark Fordham on 27th April 2003

As of April the 28th, 2003, the International Bodyboarding Association will be the new global name of the Governing Body of World Bodyboarding (I.B.A), formerly known as the Global Organisation of Bodyboarders (G.O.B).

Taking world bodyboarding into new domains, the name, International Bodyboarding Association captures the huge importance of bringing all bodyboarding factions together so that one ruling body governs the global community of bodyboarding.

"The launch of the new identity represents a great start to a new future for bodyboarding worldwide, and offers an even better prospect for us to meet new companies who are interested in taking bodyboarding to that next level”, said International Bodyboarding Association Events Managing Director, Mark Fordham. “The sport of bodyboarding caters for all levels of professional events, from the World Super Tour (WST) that accommodates the world’s top 24 male bodyboarders, the World Women’s Tour (WWT) which accommodates the world’s best professional female bodyboarding athletes, representing some 15 countries and the World Qualifying Tour (WQT) in which hundreds of competitors from the various bodyboarding regions of the world take part " Mark added.

The renaming follows the announced intention to explore strategic marketing options that would allow its management to operate more independently and establish faster growth within the Association. Steve Kirkman, Managing Director of Administration and Development comments that, “The name change and repositioning is a key part of the development and growth of bodyboarding on a grand scale and signals greater independence from other surfing like bodies. The move enables the International Bodyboarding Association to better communicate its strength as a governing body, to help establish and develop new regions and re-establish others, to specialise in giving the young talented bodyboarding athletes their best chance at achieving the ultimate goal. It also gives the I.B.A further freedom to develop a worldwide coaching and development program for bodyboarders of both sexes and all nationalities, and the opportunity to develop a greater world qualifying series that would see bigger bodyboarding events staged around the world to cater for thousands of avid athletes and spectators alike.

The announcement builds on the International Bodyboarding Association impressive track record of providing the best venues for its top athletes.

The International Bodyboarding Association has held events in Australia, Philippines, Reunion Island, Japan, Hawaii, US Mainland, Brazil, Portugal, Indonesia, France, Morocco, Guadeloupe, Tahiti, USA and Ireland.

The International Bodyboarding Association Executive Board consists of:
Steve Kirkman – Managing Director of Administration & Development;
Mark Fordham – Managing Director of Competition & WST Manager;
Derek Hulme - Executive Director of the W.Q.T and W.W.T;
Mike Stewart - Executive Director
Alistair Taylor - Executive Director
Karla Costa-Taylor - Executive Director

About the International Bodyboarding Association
The International Bodyboarding Association provides a base for coaching, training, competition and development worldwide, without prejudice to gender, colour or creed. It enables the worlds best bodyboarding athletes to compete at all levels of professional bodyboarding. The I.B.A provides a service and prides itself on being able to organise and govern the world best bodyboarding events. Headquartered in Australia, one of the world’s biggest bodyboarding markets, the International Bodyboarding Association has an established presence throughout Europe, Asia, the South Pacific and the America’s.

Further Information
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