Maui Pro: Day One


posted by Corey Correa on 2nd January 2005

Day one Sunday, January the 2nd of the waiting period for the Rockstar Games Maui Pro, does not look too promising. The North West Swell forecasted looks to start filling in Sunday January the 2nd and climb to 15 feet by Monday, this swell looks to stay strong through Wednesday and swing into the right direction for Honolua Bay being from the North / Northwest.

Unfortunately unstable winds caused by a low-pressure system mixed in with a high-pressure system sitting above the state will possibly bring bad wind direction. (N to NW) Because of the instability, things are changing hourly, but as for Sunday, it will be a no go!

Tuesday or Wednesday looks somewhat promising, but I will update you all daily throughout the entire holding period.

You can also call the contest hotline: +1 808 398 6449

Corey W. Correa



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