Farewell to a Friend

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posted by Riaan du Preez on 20th December 2004

This is the season of giving, but alas also of saying good buy...
André Basson, or better known to his friends and family as OMO, has lost the battle against cancer last night (19/20 December 2004). From all the Boland riders, families and everyone that knows Omo, our prayers and condolences go to his family and all the other people that help make his journey on earth an extreme pleasure.

  • I'm glad to be one of them - Riaan
  • Thanx dat jy laat weet het. Dis n sad dag - Tilla
  • God bless omo thanks for that my thoughts are with him! - Jucker
  • Hey Riaan, this is very sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with him. Could u please send my condolences - Aadam
  • Thanks god bless him - Paul Morkel
  • My condolences to his family and the Tight Orus Crew. His dedication to his sport, my way of getting to know him better, left me with much respect for the man. If there is a paddle out try to notify all the riders. Cheers "Omo" - May you rest in peace and enjoy eternal perfection. - Michel Brink

For more info on what we are planning to do and when it will happen, please feel free to contact me (Riaan).

Just waiting for conformation, but the service will be on Thursday 23 December 2004 at 11:00am, in the NG Gemeente Sentrum Onrus.
The paddle out will be just after the service.
A candle vigil will be held on Onrus Beach tonight 8:30pm

Standby for more info.

Riaan du Preez



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