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posted by Mark Fordham on 27th June 2004

Last night the athletes and contest officials of the Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge were welcomed with a traditional Australian BBQ over looking South Cronulla Beach. Some opted for the steaks and sausages on bread rolls with tomato sauce, others for the King prawns and salad. Big names such as Damian King, Dave Winchester, Paulo Barcellos, Mitch Rawlins, Ben and Toby Player, Christian Riguccini, Dave Ballard and Andrew Lester were present; a number of international riders including Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard and defending CSIC champion, Brazilian Guilherme Tamega will be arriving early next week.

One of the big names to miss out for this year’s CSIC is Ryan Hardy. Hardy has decided to miss this year’s CSIC to travel the world with his wife and concentrate on collecting as much footage for his next awaited Hardlife video. By all accounts it’s bound to be a killer video.

Another withdrawal is Sydney’s Northern Beaches local, Manly’s Tyson Williams. Tyson has made it official to the IBA that he will not be competing on this year’s IBA World Super Tour (WST). After negotiations with his long time sponsors Tyson will still be bodyboarding, though not on a competitive level. “I have been competing on the professional circuit for quiet a number of year’s now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I’m in a position where I am happy with what I have achieved and basically want to pursue other business ventures”. More to come in an up and coming interview.

After the feast and the general catch up of what waves have been scored over resent months the contest briefing was conducted. CSIC Technical Director Mark Fordham officially welcomed the riders to the first event and explained the formalities of the waiting period, tides and promotions that are associated with the event. The announcement of the prize purse breakdown goes as follows -

Prize purse break down of $35,000 USD
1st = $6000 USD
2nd = $2600
3rd = $2200
4th = $1800
5th = $1500
6th = $1300
7th to 12th = $1050
13th to 18th = $950
19th to 24th = $800
25th to 28th = $700

Derek Hulme explained to the athletes the event rules and regulations. There will be seven half hour heats with the best two waves scored per round.


  1. Heats will be 4 person heats, 30 minutes long.
  2. There will be one horn to start, two to finish. A Green flag signifies that the heat has started. Yellow is 10 minutes to go, Red is to finish.
  3. Heat draw will be done prior to the competition. The top seeds will occupy one position in each of the heats. The other positions will be done by random draw. The heats will remain the same throughout the waiting period. The order of heats is as follows:
    Round 1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Round 3: 4, 3, 2, 1, 7, 6, 5
    Round 2: 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4 Round 4: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  4. You will be scored on the total of your top 2 waves each heat, the winner being the rider who has the highest wave total after all the heats. There is a maximum of 12 waves for each competitor per heat. If you catch a wave between heats or more than 12 waves, they will score 0 unless this wave deprives another competitor of a scoring wave. Then it will be deemed an interference. Ties will be broken by count back as per the IBA rules.
  5. A minimum of two rounds must be completed to finish the event by the end of the window; otherwise an extra week will be allocated in the first week of August where an alternate venue may be used if necessary.
  6. First round scores will be announced at the start of the second round. Second round score announced at the start of the third round etc
  7. Judging will be in accordance to the IBA criteria for this format and riders will be scored between 0 – 10 according to the conditions in their heat.
  8. Interference rules are as per the IBA criteria, with an interference called by the majority of the judges resulting in the loss of a scoring ride from their total. They must leave the water after 2 interferences in their heat.
  9. There will be no board caddies. A buoy will be situated out in the channel for all riders to attach a spare set of fins and boards.
  10. During your heat you may not get any assistance from the Jet Ski unless you are injured. If you do get assistance no more scores will be counted in that heat.
Heats will run as follow -

Round 1 = Heat - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Round 2 = Heat - 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 4
Round 3 = Heat – 4, 3, 2, 1, 7, 6, 5
Round 4 = Heat – 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Head Judge, Australian Craig Hadden explained the judging criteria of the event and what the judges would be looking for.

The International judges for this year’s event are-

Head JudgeCraig Hadden (Australian)
JudgeMarc (South African)
 Jason Boddy(South African)
 Peter Hulme(Australian - local)
Reserve Head JudgeDerek Hulme (Australian - local)
Reserve JudgesAndrew Wussel (Australian - local)

"A bodyboarder must execute the most radical manoeuvres in the most critical section of a wave, with the fluid linking and combination of manoeuvres, combining speed and power throughout. The bodyboarder who executes such manoeuvres on the biggest or best waves for the longest functional distance shall be deemed the winner".

Regarding tube rides, a complete tube ride, with long travel time and clean fast exits will be scored very highly. If the tube ride is not complete, travel time will be taken into account but it will still be scored as an incomplete manoeuvre.

The Safety and First aid will again be carried out by Dr John Pyne who will be the official medico at the event during all days of competition. He will be in contact with the Shark Island Water Patrol via a two way radio and will assist and direct any medical situation from minor lacerations to major injuries.

At the conclusion of the briefing the heat draw was announced. One of Bodyboardings well recognised legends, Cronulla local Adam “Wingnut” Smith was on hand as special guest to do the official heat draw. Before he reached into the basket to randomly pick out the names for the draw he added, “It’s great to be a part of such a great event. This years challenge looks to be the best by far. For those who are not aware this will be the first time since the beginning of the challenge (1997) that I will not be participating, partly due to an aggravated arthritic problem in my lower back. In saying that, I wish to say good luck to everyone in this year’s challenge. Big names with a huge prize purse, it’s going to be sick”

The Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge heat draw goes as follows –
Heat 1   
1)Damian King (Aus)1Red
2)Toby Player (Aus)13White
3)Mitch Rawlins (Aus)12Yellow
4)Jason Hazle (Aus)22Black

Heat 2
1)Guilherme Tamega (Brz)2Red
2)Doug Showell (Aus)WCWhite
3)Wildcard (TBC) Yellow
4)Michael Chapple (Aus)19Black

Heat 3
1)Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii)3Red
2)Shaun Cooper (Aus)23White
3)Dave Ballard (Aus)WCYellow
4)Paulo Barcellos (Brz) Black

Heat 4
1)Sean Virtue (Aus)4Red
2)Steve Mackenzie (Aus)WCWhite
3)Chris Riguccini (Aus)WCYellow
4)W.S.T rider (T.B.C) Black

Heat 5
1)Beau Day (Aus)5Red
2)Roberto Bruno (Brz)20White
3)Ben Player (Aus) Yellow
4)Josh Kirkman (Aus) Black

Heat 6
1)Andrew Lester (Aus)6Red
2)Brenden Newton (Aus)WCWhite
3)Mike Stewart (Hawaii)14Yellow
4)John Showell (Aus)WCBlack

Heat 7
1)Grahame Miller (Aus)7Red
2)Ryan McKinnon (Aus)WCWhite
3)Warren Feinbier (Aus)WCYellow
4)Dave Winchester (Aus)11Black

Swell forecast – Waiting period starting on the 28th of June for the Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge.

Shark Island today – basically flat – Swell is forecast to stay off shore due to current off-shore W-SW winds that are presently blowing across the State of N.S.W. Shark Island best breaks in a SE – E direction. More information as conditions improve.

The Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge is the first sponsored event by Human on the 2004 IBA World Super Tour. This event will take competitors to Australia’s most premier bodyboarding location, Shark Island, known for its big barrels and heavy wipe outs.

The Human Cronulla Shark Island Challenge (June 28th • July 28th).



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